Link the Slug (iPad)

SLUG_BOXA professor has created some strange little slug creatures, and now he needs your help to clear them away before they infest his house! Link the Slug is an intuitive touch-screen puzzler, now available for most smartphones and tablets (played on iPad for this review).

In each level, your job is to clear out all the slugs and all the stars. To clear out slugs, you must tap two of the same color, and a bolt of electricity will connect them and make them disappear. The lightning can turn in one direction, so you can even clear out slugs on corners. But if there are any other slugs or obstacles in the way, the slugs won’t disappear.

Scattered about each stage are stars that must be cleared away, too. Simply make sure they are in the path of a bolt-clearing pair of slugs is all you need to do. Bolts can also activate other objects like obstacle-destroying bombs. With more than 70 levels (and more on the way), there is plenty to do in this fun little puzzler. Great little game if you like brain teasers.


Kid Factor:

Reading skill is helpful for the tutorials, but most of the game doesn’t have any text and is pretty easy to figure out just by playing. Older kids may fare better at the more difficult puzzles, though, as they require higher levels of logic skills. But as a thinking game, Link the Slug could be considered educational for all ages.

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