Wipeout: Create & Crash (3DS, Wii, Wii U, 360)

WIPEOUT_BOXThe popular TV obstacle course game show (is it even still on?) is back in video game form for the fourth time! The previous games kind of ‘wiped out’ so to speak, but they may have hit the right mark with this one. Not only does this entry have better controls and endless amounts of obstacles and courses, but now you can create your own challenges, too! It’s available for 3DS, Wii, Wii U, and 360, but reviewed on 3DS here.

The basic play is similar to the others. You pick from one of several silly characters, including a skater, grandpa, or even a zombie. Then have them race on several obstacle courses. Similar to the last game, you view the action in a behind the shoulder third person perspective, as you jump over and slide under obstacles. If you make it to the next checkpoint, that’s where you’ll restart if you fall off. If you get knocked into the water three times, you’ll automatically move to the next checkpoint with a time penalty. Try to make it to the finish in the shortest time possible to win a trophy and a better score.

In the single player mode, you can try episodes which have various pre-made obstacles strung together, and you must try and go through them as quick as you can to earn a trophy and some Ballsy Bucks, which you can spend on various items in the game. These episodes have different themes, like spooky, food, military, etc. But most of the obstacles are the same regardless. In Wipeout Max mode, you can try randomly generated obstacle courses to earn some extra Ballsy Bucks. With enough Ballsy Bucks, you can buy new characters, episodes, costumes for your players to wear, as well as obstacles for you to use when creating your own courses.

Speaking of which, that’s the new element added to this series, the Course Creator. You can choose which obstacles to have in each section of the course, and use Ballsy Bucks to unlock more obstacles and themes. You can save up to three courses, and if you have StreetPass turned on, you can race on other players’ courses that you’ve met via StreetPass, and they’ll be able to try your creations, too. They have a short video that shows you how to make courses, but it’s pretty easy to figure out, too. There are also two player modes where you and a friend can try to beat each other’s times in episodes or Wipeout Max modes.

Play control is much improved from previous installments. It’s even possible to make it through the bouncing balls obstacles now that you can control your own character in midair better. The only problem is they don’t tell you all the actions your player can do, like sliding or crouching, as you play the game. But it is pretty easy to figure out, especially if you’ve tried any of the previous Wipeout games, plus you can always read the in-game manual on the 3DS. With real voices and likenesses from the TV show, the game has an air of authenticity, too. While I can’t recommend this game to everybody, kids who love the TV show and dream of making their own obstacles should enjoy this one regardless.


Kid Factor:

Wipeout: Create & Crash is rated E-10 with ESRB descriptors of Mild Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief, and Alcohol Reference. The cartoony players can get smacked around and thrown into water or mud, but it’s all very silly looking and nobody looks like they’re really in pain. They mention alcohol ONCE, and only as ‘grog,’ so it’s hardly even worth mentioning. A bit of crude humor here and there is found, as they like to use the word ‘balls’ a lot. Reading skill is helpful for button cues, and some perfectionist players may get frustrated at the harder obstacles. But if you’re OK with your kids watching the TV show, they’ll be OK with the game, too.

Wipeout Replay

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