Girl Fight (PS3, 360)

GIRL_BOXGirl Fight is a 3-D, one-on-one fighting game featuring an all-female cast of lady brawlers. It’s available to download on PS3 and 360 (PS3 version reviewed here).

Gameplay is pretty standard 3-D brawler stock. You have a button for kicks, one for punches, another for grapples and throws, and one for blocking and other defensive maneuvers. Unique to Girl Fight, however, is that after filling up a meter and then pressing the L or R buttons, you can unleash special PSI powers that can give you an edge in battle. Some of these powers include sapping energy from your opponent when you hit them, turning your body into steel for added defense, or bursting into flame for more attack power. You can pick and choose which PSI powers to take into battle, too.

There is an arcade mode, where you pick one femme fatale and battle the seven others one after another. Only problem is that you only get one character to start with, and must beat the game with her to unlock another. So you have to play as each character one by one to unlock them all to play in arcade mode. You’ll view the storylines for each character as you play, but it’s hard to follow and the characters aren’t that interesting anyway. Other game modes include Versus, where you and the CPU or another player can battle it out with any of the characters. Or you can fight online or practice moves with the training mode.

As you play any of the game modes, you’ll earn points which you can use to buy various goodies. These include new PSI powers for you to use, story bio backgrounds for each character, new skins and outfits, as well as artwork of the various lady fighters. You can also unlock hidden artwork by beating arcade mode with the characters.

The game is average visually, and the characters aren’t as interesting as I would’ve hoped. But while I would recommend other 3-D fighters over this one, such as Soul Calibur, Tekken, Dead or Alive, or Virtua Fighter, Girl Fight is still a solid fighter gameplay-wise. So if you’re itching for a new 3-D brawler to try, Girl Fight is a pretty good deal at only ten bucks.


Kid Factor:

Girl Fight is rated M for Mature with ESRB descriptors of Blood, Violence, Partial Nudity, and Suggestive Themes. It’s a fighting game, so you do punch, kick, and throw other players. But there isn’t really any blood in the gameplay, just some found in some of the unlockable pictures and files in the gallery. The Partial Nudity and Suggestive Themes aren’t as bad as say, Dead or Alive games, but again, found mostly in the unlockable pictures. Some of the outfits are a bit revealing, though. So this game is best for older players.

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