Cary’s Top Five Favorite Phoenix Wright Characters

bluebadgericonThe Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game series is my favorite series on the DS. The newest in the saga: Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies is out now this week on the 3DS eShop. I’m a little sad that it’s not getting a retail version, but if digital is the only way that Capcom could release it in the US and still make money, then I’ll happily download it that way! Just need to get me a Nintendo Points card! Anyway, Phoenix Wright games are like point and click adventures where you search crime scenes to find clues and evidence, and then use what you find in court to catch witnesses telling lies. One of the best things about these games is the cast of colorful and fun characters, so in honor of the release of the newest game, here are my top five favorite Phoenix Wright characters!

5. Franziska von Karma

Phoenix Wright has had many tough adversaries in court in the form of prosecuting attorneys. Many like Godot for his style, and Miles Edgeworth even got his own game! But for me, the scariest one to face in court was Franziska von Karma! She was the daughter of the guy who taught Miles Edgeworth everything he knows. She expects nothing but perfection, and she even has a whip and is not afraid to use it! Yikes! (See, I told you the characters in these games are crazy) She does have really cool blue hair, though. She’d probably be higher on my list if she wasn’t so mean and used that whip all the time.

4. Mia/Maya Fey

OK I know this is cheating, because that’s technically two characters. But this is my list and I can do what I want. Those of you who’ve played the game know that they’re kind of the same character anyway. At any rate, Mia Fey was Phoenix Wright’s boss and mentor, and she was really cool and nice and pretty, too. Even when she couldn’t be around anymore, she still helped out Phoenix all the time. Shortly after the beginning of the first game, Mia’s younger sister Maya became Phoenix’s assistant. She’s a spirit medium and a great sidekick to Phoenix Wright. I called her Scrappy Doo all the time because she had such unbridled enthusiasm for everything. In the new game, Phoenix Wright has a different assistant. I don’t know much about what she’s like yet, but I don’t think it’ll be the same without Mia and Maya around.

3. Phoenix Wright

It’s actually pretty unusual for me to like the main character in a game. I generally tend to lean towards side characters. For instance, in Mario games, I don’t really like Mario much, but I like Toad and Luigi way better. Same goes with Sonic. Not a big fan of the blue hedgehog, but I like Tails and Big the Cat lots. But Phoenix Wright is really neat. Actually, he’s kind of an idiot who bumbles his way through cases, but they kind of had to make him that way to give players more control over the situations in the games. He just makes being a lawyer cool, and I never thought any character could do that in a video game.

2. Detective Gumshoe

This big, lovable lug really works for Miles Edgeworth, the prosecuting attorney, or whoever else is Phoenix’s rival. But he ends up helping Phoenix out more, unintentionally. He’s scruffy and doesn’t make much money and always messes things up. But he also never gives up either. Plus he has a really neat theme song. I hope he shows up in the new game!

1. The Blue Badger

This is actually a cartoon police mascot that the local police station created. But he ended up being so popular that in later games, the Blue Badger got a cast of supporting characters and even a theme park! Somehow, in every one of the games, the Blue Badger is a key piece of evidence in a case. And he’s slightly weird and disturbing, too. But that’s why I like him. I hope he shows up in the new game, too!


And those are my favorite Phoenix Wright characters! In the comments section, let me know what you think of my choices, and which ones are YOUR favorites! Anyone seen the live action Phoenix Wright movie that came out a while ago in Japan? I know it’s probably horrible, but I’d love to see it anyway. That’s all for now! Later! –Cary

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