The Bridge (360)

BRIDGE_BOXThe Bridge is a platform puzzler where you guide a man through mazes to reach an exit door. You rotate the world left and right with the L and R buttons, so floors become walls and vice versa. The game has an M.C. Escher feel because of this. The black and white pencil drawn graphics help with this theme, too. You can download it on Xbox 360.

You control a little bespectacled man and make him move left and right with the control stick. Using the L and R buttons will make the entire world spin, so walls and ceilings become floors for your little man to walk on. Sometimes you must collect a key or two so you can unlock the door. Keys are affected by rotating the world, too, so sometimes you must guide the keys to the man instead of having him gather them. You must also avoid rolling wrecking balls that are affected by rotation, and make sure you don’t fall off the level as well. If any of those things happen, you can just press and hold B to rewind your moves.

The only problem with the game is that it’s a little short, but after you complete the game you unlock mirrored versions of the levels to try. Plus you can complete Achievements in the game for an added challenge. With no hints, some of the puzzlers can be real head scratchers, and you have to do some noodling around to figure things out. But otherwise, this is a really fun and unique puzzler with an indie feel. If you like games such as Braid, you’re sure to love this. Actually I think The Bridge is way better than Braid, as Braid was a bit pretentious (and hard).


Kid Factor:

Reading skill is helpful for some of the instructions, but not totally necessary as the game is pretty easy to figure out just by playing. Violence is minimal as everything looks like pencil sketches, and you can rewind if you get hit or fall off. Younger players might get frustrated and need help on the tougher puzzles, though. But the game is good for teaching logic and thinking skills. The Bridge is rated E for Everyone.

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  1. I never played Braid, so I don’t know how pretentious it is, but this game sounds like a mix between Braid (time mechanic) and Fez (spinning world to solve puzzles) to me.

    That, plus the sketch style makes this look pretty cool. I might check it out if it ever comes to Steam.

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