Halos Fun (iPad)

HALOS_BOXHalos are a brand of little seedless oranges you can buy in grocery stores. I’ve never had them myself, but I caught the tail end of a commercial about them while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. They kind of remind me of Clementines, or those other little oranges I’ve seen other commercials for called Cuties. Now you can play a cute little free-to-play game starring those Halos oranges for iOS and Android devices (reviewed on iPad here).

In the game, it’s graduation day for all the little Halos oranges, and they all get to wear little halos on their heads. But some pesky raccoons have stolen the halos, so now the oranges must get them back. Halos Fun plays like a cross between Angry Birds and Peggle. You use a slingshot to send your oranges in the air to collect the halos scattered about. This part of the game is like Angry Birds because you use the touch screen to pull back, aim, and launch the Halos oranges in the same way. But it’s also like Peggle because there are bumpers and pegs scattered about that you must bounce around to reach all the halos. You get unlimited shots to get all the halos, but you get a better rating if you use fewer oranges to accomplish that goal. Sometimes you get to launch glowing oranges. These special Halos can jump multiple times in the air if you tap on the screen after you launch them. Handy for reaching some of the tougher to get halos. There are also secret stickers to unlock in the multitude of stages. It’s free-to-play, so you might as well try it if you enjoy casual style games. What have you got to lose?


Kid Factor:

Even though there is text, the game is pretty easy to figure out just by playing. No violence whatsoever. The Halos fruit just happily bounces around and floats in the water below when their turn is over. With unlimited tries, nobody should get too frustrated either. And even though the game is just one big commercial, at least it’s advertising something that’s nutritious and good for you.

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  1. I remember when a couple of my bosses were on a diet, they bought bags full of those Cuties clementines. I didn’t realize the clementine industry was becoming so competitive, but I guess you’re right about at least something nutritious being advertised. hehe

    I might check this out on my Android phone, since it’s free.

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