WWE 2K14 Strategy Guide (Book)

WWE1WWE 2K14 is a wrestling video game celebrating 30 years of Wrestlemania featuring Superstars and Divas from three decades. And now you can celebrate, too, with the WWE 2K14 strategy guide; featuring moves for all the wrestlers, and all the events you can participate in.

The first part of the guide goes over basic controls, options, abilities and tips, unlockables, and Achievements and trophies. But the majority of the guide features all the Superstars and Divas you can play as, with stats, a short bio, and a couple of pages listing their moves. I don’t really know much about WWE personally, but at least I know who this guy is. Everyone knows The Hulk!


And here’s one of the Divas. I didn’t know there were lady wrestlers on WWE, although I met one once at E3 a long time ago. Can’t remember her name right now, though. Stacy…something, I think. Only reason why I picked this page is that the guide says she’s from Texas, so that’s cool I guess.


Hey I remember this guy from when I was a kid. He was on a lot of the G.I. Joe action figure commercials. But then, I was a Transformers man myself, so I really didn’t pay much attention to them.


The last part of the guide has tips on specific match types, as well as an overview of 30 years of Wrestlemania, plus tips on online play and creating your own wrestlers. I think any WWE game fan would enjoy this guide. Even though it’s based on a T rated game, if you’re OK with your kids watching this stuff on TV, they’ll be OK with the guide, too.

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  1. We had a soft Hulk Hogan toy in the house when I was little, because my older brother was a fan I think. I watched wrestling when I was in middle school, and Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were the big deal wrestlers. I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed the soap opera-like speeches more than the fights sometimes.

    Then again, I was a pre-teen, so I definitely noticed the divas. Ahem. China is the one I recognize the most, but that’s cause she had a manly figure and seemed to get the most attention, not necessarily cause she was attractive. A lot of them looked pretty good, though. A quick Google search tells me you might have met Stacy Keibler? I don’t know.

    All I know is that when I watched, it was still WWF for World Wrestling Federation, and not WWE for World Wrestling Entertainment. They had to change it cause the World Wildlife Federation said people got the two organizations confused, or something along those lines. I flipped to wrestling a few times during the initial … initials change, and the wrestlers would wear shirts that said “Get the F Out” on the back.

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