SEGA Genesis Classic Game Console with 80 Built in Games: Part 2

SEGA2Last time on my blog, we looked at the new SEGA Genesis console I got for Christmas that has 80 built-in games in it. The first half were SEGA Genesis classics, but the next batch isn’t what you might think. The last 40 games are original titles, mostly simple casual style or arcade games. I think this is a bit misleading, since the front of the box does say 80 games, and only shows Genesis cartridges. But the back of the box does show screens of all the games, so smart shoppers can probably figure that out. Still, if I were writing the text for the box, I would’ve said, “40 Genesis classics and 40 original titles” or something. At any rate, here are the last half of the games on the console.

Air Hockey

Well, the name says what it is. Only problem is that sometimes the puck will bounce out of the goal instead of going in.

Black Sheep

Five black sheep are arranged on a field, and you must press the direction button of the sheep that’s facing differently from the rest. After a certain amount of time, the game is over and they tally your score.


This is just a Bomberman rip-off. I would think Hudson could sue, if only Konami hadn’t gobbled them up. This is just the multiplayer part, but it’s only for one player, and the controls are awful.

Bottle Taps Race

It’s like a cross between racing and golf. You must hit your button around a race track by setting the direction and power and try not to go out of bounds. Not very exciting, really.

Brain Switch

It reminds me of those exercises in the DS Brain Training games. You must press left or right on the control pad to answer if a group of numbers and letters are even or vowels.

Bulls & Cows

This is some kind of math equation game, but I couldn’t figure out how to play it. But that’s OK because math is boring anyway.


It’s just a very simplistic version of Scorched Earth. That is all.


Actually this is more like those jump a peg puzzle games that you can play while you wait for your food at Cracker Barrel. Try to jump as many pegs to only leave one standing. There are different boards you can choose from, at least.


Yup, that’s what it is. Never really liked Chess, myself.

Color Puzzle

This one’s like that Brain Switch game mentioned earlier, except you must use the d-pad to answer if a color is on the screen. Again, like the Brain Age game where you must say the color even if the text says differently.

Cross the Road

You’d think this would be like Frogger, but it’s actually more like an Atari 2600 game called Freeway. Except you’re a person instead of a chicken, and you can move from side to side. And it’s only one player and not very fun.

Curling 2010

The title for this is totally misleading. It’s not the winter sport you only hear about at the Olympics, but it’s actually a Penguin Wars clone. Penguin Wars is like a cross between Dodgeball and ping pong, and is kind of fun sometimes. This version is not. Maybe Curling 2014 is better?

Dominant Color

A grid of two different colored objects fills the majority of the screen, and you must press up or down to tell which color appears most. Sometimes they mix it up and have you pick which color is on the screen less.

Fight or Lose

I love some of the names they give these games. Reminds me of a game I reviewed once called Do Not Fall. Anyway, not a lot of fighting goes on in this game. It’s like a variation of chess but easy enough that I can understand it. You move around a knight like you do on a chessboard, and you must catch pawns before the reach the bottom of the screen. Surprisingly one of the more interesting games on here, but that’s not saying much.

Firefly Glow

Lightning bugs are arranged on the screen and light up in a certain order. You must move a cursor and tap on the bugs in the same order they lit up.

Fish Story

This one plays like PopCap’s Fish Frenzy on Xbox LIVE, where you are a little fish and eat other fish to get bigger so you can eat the bigger fish. I actually sort of like these kinds of games, but this one isn’t that interesting.

Flash Memory

Numbers appear on a starry night cityscape sky, and then are quickly hidden by stars. Tap the stars with a cursor in numerical sequence.

Formula Challenge

Press left or right on the d-pad to choose the right symbol to complete a math equation. Yeah, lots of fun.


This is some kind of two player strategy game played on a hexagon grid board, but I couldn’t figure out how to play it.

Jack’s Pea

Some of the awful titles of these games crack me up. This is probably one of the worst 2-D platformers ever made. You just constantly jump on platforms in a vertically scrolling stage. But the movements are so choppy it’s barely even playable.

Jewel Magic

Basically a crappy version of Columns. So why would they even put this on here when there are two other versions of it on this console?

Logic Dial

Rotate numbers in a square so that they are in numerical order. That’s it.


Well it is what it says it is, but my gosh, this is the most crappiest and unprofessional version of Mahjong I’ve ever seen.

Match Eleven

It’s a solitaire-like card game where you must create pairs of 11’s to clear them away. Reminds me of those TouchMaster games.

Mega Brain Switch

Just like Brain Switch except you have to deal with even and odd numbers, and vowels AND consonants!


I think this uses the same crappy Mahjong program. At first it looks like a standard memory card flip match game, but you can have more than one card up at the same time, so I don’t really know.

Memory Match

Remember the Devilish Training in the 3DS Brain Training game where you had to remember answers to equations even after they were gone from the screen? Well that’s what this is like, except with just shapes.

Mirror Mirror

You have to match numbers and letters in a grid on the opposite side of the screen. It’s easy until they give you clues that the grids may not exactly match.

Mr. Balls

Huh, huh. Huh, huh, huh…he said Mr. Balls. Yeah some of the titles to these games are wild. Anyway, you know how in some games where you have to complete an annoying puzzle where when you turn on a switch, the switches around it will flip? Well that’s what this one is!

Naval Power

It’s single player Battleship, that is all.

Panic Lift

People get on an elevator and say a number. Then when the elevator gets to that floor, you must push the A button to stop it so they can get off. It’s hard to remember all the numbers!

Reaction Match

Trucks go by with shapes on them, and you must press left or right to say if they match the last truck that went by or not.


It’s like the old games where you move a snake around a maze eating dots, growing bigger, and trying to not run into your body. Only problem with this one is that it’s REALLY slow and choppy.

Space Hunter

A number will appear on the screen and then you click on a hidden UFO. Do this three times and then you must remember the numbers to make an equation. Why are there so many math games on here?


Spiders will crawl down the screen and you must aim a reticule to shot them with bug spray before they reach the bottom where a cake is. It kind of reminds me of the flyswatter game from Mario Paint.

Sudoku Quiz

It’s Sudoku, that’s all.

Table Magic

You know the mini-game where you must find something underneath a shell or a rock after it’s been scrambled around with other like items? Well that’s what this is.

Treasure Hunt

There is a grid and some squares on it may have obstacles on them. There is also a boat and a treasure chest. They then hide the obstacles and you must guide your boat to the treasure without hitting any of the hidden obstacles. Sometimes you must pick up a key or two on the grid first.

Warehouse Keeper

You know those games where you must push boxes around a maze to certain locations? I think Japan calls them Sokuban games. Well that’s what this is, except the music is so annoying and awful that I couldn’t stand to play it long.


Yeah it’s just whack-a-mole. Use the d-pad to hit wolves that pop out of a bush, but don’t hit Red Riding Hood. It gets impossible when they start moving fast.


And that’s all the games! Overall I was pretty disappointed with this console because of the sound and crappy games. Usually I know to stay away from these multi-game consoles, but the box made this one look fairly legit. Too bad, really. Oh well, later! –Cary

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  1. Holy! These all sound awful! Didn’t realize that they weren’t all classic Sega games…

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