Candy Crush Fruit Snacks

CANDYHere’s something I found amusing at the grocery store the other day: Candy Crush Fruit Snacks! That just tells you how popular that match-three puzzle game is! I think they’re made by the same folks who did Angry Birds fruit snacks. They taste the same and they even advertise them the same. They boast that they’re gluten free for instance (but they aren’t a wheat-type product, so of course they’re gluten free, duh). The snacks are shaped like the various things you match in Candy Crush. I don’t know if it’s just me, but fruit snacks don’t taste as good as they used to. Click here to see a bigger picture of the box. What video games would you like to see fruit snacks of? I don’t know why they haven’t made Pac-Man fruit snacks yet. You’d think that would be a perfect fit.


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  1. Yeah, I’m surprised they haven’t made gummy Pac Men ghosts, and you’re not alone re: fruit snack flavor; then again, I did buy those Nintendo themed ones at the Dollar Store, so maybe that explains their dryness.
    All I found on Google Images for Pac Man fruit snacks was what looked like a Japanese store display featuring “ghost sours” and “power pellet candies.”

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