AntiSquad (iPad)

ANTI_BOXA group of militant gun-toting vigilantes are out to stop a drug cartel in Mexico. With a premise like that, you’d expect AntiSquad to be some kind of first person shooter action game. But it’s not! AntiSquad is actually a strategy game for iPad and iPhone (reviewed on iPad here).

In the game, you control team members of AntiSquad as they infiltrate and escape from enemy territory. In each mission you must do things like get from point A to point B, defeat certain enemies, blow up targets, and above all else: survive. Your team and the enemy will take turns moving and performing actions. For each turn, your characters can move, attack close or long range, and use special skills. But each requires action points, so make sure you don’t run out and end up out in the open!

Each member of your team has special skills that can help you in a jam. Rose can toss armor-piercing acid flasks and provide cover with her smokescreen. And big lug Sunny can mow down a group of enemies with his Bulletstorm skill. By defeating enemies and clearing missions, you’ll earn goodies and coins. Spend these coins in the shop to buy upgrades and health kits for your team. Although in order to get the really good stuff, you’ll probably have to spend more money to buy enough coins.

Only problem I had with the game is that it was very difficult for me. But then, I’m not much of a strategy gamer. While they do a good job of teaching you the basics in the first few missions, there’s a lot to have to remember and one mistake or misstep and you’ll generally have to start the entire mission over. Only download this one if you’re a seasoned strategy gamer.


Kid Factor:

You do shoot and stab enemies and they do leave blood on the ground when defeated, but otherwise the violence isn’t too terribly graphics. Even so, AntiSquad is best for teen players and older due to the complexity and difficulty of the game.

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  1. I’m not great at strategy games, either. Leeradical42 would like this.

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