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VALENTINE1You know when you were in Elementary School and you had to give out those little perforated card Valentines with cartoon characters on them to everyone in your class? Well, they still do those. Every time I pass by the Valentine aisle, it’s always interesting what kid properties are deemed popular enough to make into Valentines. But I’m also surprised that we don’t see that many video game characters made into Valentines like that. Maybe the licensing fees for video game characters like Mario and Sonic are too expensive? Or maybe kids just don’t like video games as much as I think they do? Nah, it’s gotta be the licensing fees. But recently I saw these at the store so I had to write about them: Skylanders Valentines.

Skylanders is a HUGE video game property, especially among kids, as it combines collectible action figures with a video game. I’ve reviewed them all here at GamerDad. I’ve heard the Skylanders games have made more money for Activision than Call of Duty! The fact they made Valentines out of them is proof of their popularity. Here is a closer shot of the front of the box.


The back shows what the Valentines look like. It’s an assortment of popular characters from the recent Swap Force game. The neat thing is that the whole front of the Valentine is a big sticker! But the bad thing is that these Valentines aren’t perforated very well, so you may have to use some scissors to cut them. Here is a shot of the back of the box so you can see what they look like.


What video game characters would YOU like to see on Valentine cards?

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  1. Valentine’s Day Minecraft seemed an even less likely combo than Skylanders – but here they are:

    I just printed them for the kids to make.

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