Grandpa and the Zombies (iPad)

GRANDPA_BOXGrandpa has woken up in a hospital with a broken leg and in a wheelchair and has no idea how he got there. What’s worse, zombies have taken over the hospital and it’s up to you to roll Grandpa to safety in this puzzle game for iOS devices, Android, and Google Play (reviewed on iPad here).

Each level is a maze, and you must help Grandpa roll to the exit, marked by a handicapped symbol on the ground. Grandpa can roll up, down, left, and right, and you slide your finger in that direction to move him. But once Grandpa rolls, he can’t stop until he hits a wall or other object. It kind of reminds me of ice block puzzles in Zelda dungeons and other games.

Along with Grandpa are zombies and they will move in the same direction as he does. You must try to not make contact with the regular zombies or it’s Game Over. Other types of zombies can be useful, though. Wrapped zombies won’t harm you and can be used as blocks to get you where you need to go. Sometimes you must guide zombies as well as Grandpa to get them to exit the maze or walk over a dangerous spot in the floor that’ll dispatch them, but not Grandpa. In later levels you’ll encounter other types of zombies, like doctors that can blow up objects with their potions, or warehouse zombies that can only move in certain directions.

Scattered about each maze are three pieces of candy. Collect all three for the best score. Gather enough candy to unlock other areas, too, like warehouse and crypt levels. Only problem with this game is the difficulty gets very steep, and you only have three hint options to start out with, and it’s unclear how you get more. With nearly a hundred stages, a meager three hints does not seem like enough. But if you enjoy block pushing puzzle games, you may want to check this one out anyway if you are up to the challenge.


Kid Factor:

Even though the game is about zombies, they’re all very cartoony and not very scary looking. Although the zombie head that laughs at you when you lose is kind of creepy. I don’t think there is any blood, unless that’s what the small stains on the hospital floor are supposed to be. Violence is very cartoony. If Grandpa gets hit by a zombie, it just blows green smoke on him and turns Grandpa into a ghost. If you or a zombie gets hit with electricity, you just see a skeleton and a puff of smoke. No worse than Looney Tunes. But reading skill is required and the difficulty makes this game better suited for older kid players anyway. It does teach logic and thinking skills, though.

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