Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Official Strategy Guide (Book)

FFCOVERSquare Enix has recently re-released their PS2 classic Final Fantasy X and its sequel and added HD visuals on the PS3. And if you’re new to the series or are a bit rusty since your last play and need a little help, BradyGames has you covered with the official strategy guide for this collection!

First, they cover the game basics for FFX. They also go over the Sphere Grids, one of the gameplay aspects. Here’s a picture of the page showing the Sphere Grids. Is it any wonder why I stopped playing Final Fantasy games past 9? Look at this mess. I’m sure if you play the game, it all makes sense.


Next the guide goes over the characters. Even though I’ve never played FFX, I think my favorite character would be the one who uses classic FF character plush toys in battle. She’s on the lower right on this page.


And here is a page of some of the Aeons who you can summon in this game, supposedly. I like the fact that the Magus Sisters are here, as they are also bosses from FF4.


And then the game lists the items, and equipment, as well as weapons and armor. After that, the meat of the guide has strategies, walkthroughs, and maps for all the main quests and side quests. Here’s an example of one of those pages.


After that, the game has strategies for Blitzball, one of the mini-games, as well as teams you’ll play against. Finally is the Bestiary. Remember when role playing games came with those in the instructions? Here’s an example of one of the Bestiary pages.


The last half of the guide covers Final Fantasy X-2, a direct sequel featuring three of the female characters from the first game. Here’s the character page:


One of the gimmicks in the sequel is that you dress up your characters in outfits to give them special skills and attacks in battle. Here’s an example of one of those pages. If I were playing this game, I’d dress them up in the mascot costumes on the lower right. Look at them, that’s hilarious!


The rest of the FFX-2 guide is laid out pretty much like the first half, so that’s all I’ll go into it. This is a super-thick and comprehensive guide, although the text is a little small in places to my liking. And this guide is also based on T rated games, so keep that in mind.

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