Luminux (iPad)

LUMINUX_BOXLuminux is a simple puzzle game for iOS devices and Google Play (reviewed on iPad here).  In the game, you must slide squares around to line up three of the same color horizontally or vertically to make them disappear and earn points.  You can slide squares around anywhere you like, just as long as you have room to move them.  New squares will constantly appear, so you must be quick.  If the screen fills with squares and you can’t move anymore, it’s Game Over.

As you clear out squares, a meter will fill at the bottom.  When it’s full, you’ll move up a rank.  Do this enough times and you’ll move to the next level.  Each time you go up a rank, the squares will start materializing faster and faster, and the game becomes more of an action title than a puzzler.  The quick rise in difficulty is one of the problems with this game, as well as the limited gameplay modes (there’s only one).  But at least the game is inexpensive.


Kid Factor:

No violence of any kind, and reading skill isn’t needed to play.  But younger gamers may get frustrated at the quick rise in difficulty and the repetitive nature of the gameplay due to lack of game modes.  This is probably one of the shortest game reviews I’ve ever written, but there’s not that much to this one.

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