Cary’s 2015 Super Bowl Commercial Round Up

SUPERBOWLIt’s kind of a tradition for me every year to write a blog roundup of my favorite Super Bowl commercials.  I think it’s interesting how us folks here in the US treat the Super Bowl like a national holiday or something.  Nothing wrong with that, I just think it’s interesting.  I have to say, though, that while most years the commercials are disappointing, this year they were especially disappointing.  A lot of the commercials were all serious and depressing.  Where’s the funny?  Normally as I watch the game, I take notes on the commercials that stood out to me.  This year I didn’t even fill up one page!  But I’m still going to write a blog about it anyway.

But first I have to talk about the Puppy Bowl!  I watch it every year on Animal Planet.  I love how it started out as a defeatist attitude by Animal Planet to just stick a bunch of puppies in a TV studio and let them play; knowing nobody would watch Animal Planet on Super Bowl Sunday.  And now it’s an annual event, too.  This year, they even had a Puppy Bowl fantasy league!  The cheerleaders where those pygmie goats, and the kitty half-time show made fun of Katy Perry (Purry) and cats took over and showed internet cat videos!  Speaking of cats, this year the Hallmark Channel was a copycat and made a Kitten Bowl (apparently they did one last year, too). It’s not like the Puppy Bowl ignored cats or anything.  Oh well, no sense in complaining about it.  Both shows are good for kids and they promote adopting animals at rescue centers and such, so it’s all good.

OK, on to the commercials.  A lot of them I wasn’t interested in.  Since I’m blind in my left eye and can’t drive a car, all those car ads were lost on me.  Same with the cell phone and insurance ads.  And a lot of the ads had mixed messages that didn’t make me want to buy their products.  In the Mountain Dew Kickstarter commercial, when the guys starting drinking that stuff, they started convulsing like they were having a seizure.  And in the Coke ad where the soda spills and messes up the Internet to make everything nice, it just made it look like Coke broke the Internet.  And what is up with McDonald’s new form of payment?  I think that is going to backfire on them.  People are going to demand they get a Big Mac for a hug.  And TurboTax’s commercial about the Boston Tea Party was all off.  Shouldn’t a US tax company know a little bit of our history?  I dunno, maybe not.  What do I know?  And why would a toenail fungus cream company spend millions of dollars to advertise their product on the Super Bowl?

Anyway, I did notice all the food commercials, as I do like food fairly well.  Can’t live without it!  Sonic was advertising their “Little Doggies” as a lunch item, but they’re so small you can eat them in like, two bites.  That’s not a lunch!  I’m surprised Sonic hasn’t done a promotion with Sonic the Hedgehog.  I mean, they already serve chili dogs!   Subway showed their healthy sandwiches with a Dodgeball Triathlon.  I never liked The Brady Bunch, so I didn’t like the Snickers ad with them.  I liked the Godzilla Snickers ad better.  The Doritos ads were pretty funny, like the guy on the plane letting the girl and the hidden baby sit next to him on the plane, and the flying pig (poor pig).  I did like the Skittles ad where everyone in the town arm wrestled over Skittles, and everyone had a big muscular left arm, even the baby and the dog!

I didn’t really watch much of the halftime show, but since they showed the stadium flying around like a UFO at the beginning, does that mean that Katy Perry’s an alien?  Sorry Katy, I’m sure you’re a nice lady and all, but I never got into your songs so I just did laundry instead.  Although I did like the dancing sharks and happy palm trees and singing beach balls.  That was crazy!  Silly Katy Perry!  I did like the NFL ad that had clips of people singing, and they showed My Little Pony.  Although didn’t they have that ad last year?  And of all the movie trailers they showed, is it wrong that the one I’m most excited for is the Minion movie?  There must be something wrong with me.

Of course, Budweiser had to have the cute and heartwarming Clydesdale horse ad like they always do.  Sadly, my favorite commercial was a beer ad, too.  I’m sure you can all guess what that one was.  Yup, the Pac-Man one.  I’d love to run around a maze like that, but I think I’d rather be one of the ghosts.  And I wish it was a commercial for something other than a yucky beer.  Like maybe Reebok (you do run around the maze, so you’d need good shoes).  The Reebok commercial was one of the only ‘serious’ ads I liked.

So who won this Super Bowl Sunday?  Was it the football teams?  Nope.  Was it the commercials?  Nope.  I won Super Bowl Sunday.  You know why I won?  Because that morning, I woke up early and my friend and I went to Target and I got the exclusive Rosalina Amiibo!  And that made my day!  I’m glad my friend helped me get there and get it!  That was the best part of Super Bowl Sunday.  Getting the Lucario and Meta Knight Amiibo figures will be much more challenging.  If anyone wants to help me get those, too, I’d really appreciate it!  Anyway, in the comments section, tell me YOUR favorite Super Bowl commercials, too!  –Cary

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