Fearless Fantasy (iPad)

FEARLESS_BOXBounty Hunter Leon receives a call to pick up a lady and take her to a specific location.  But when they arrive, Leon finds out that the person who summoned him for the job WAS the lady in the first place!  Turns out she’s a princess and is forced to marry an evil tyrant who owns a fearsome beast.  Now it’s up to Leon, his friend, and the princess to defeat the monster and save the day.  Fearless Fantasy is an RPG tailor-made for mobile devices, and is available to download on iOS (reviewed on iPad here).

Since this is an RPG made for tablets and other mobile devices, you don’t do many of the things you usually do in console RPGs like explore a vast overworld, talk to townsfolk, or tromp around dungeon mazes.  All you do here gameplay-wise is partake in turn-based RPG battles.  On the world map, you tap on battle icons that will start a wave of three to four battles.  Before and after the fights, your characters will converse and that’s where you get the story from.  When you start a wave of battles, you can choose Easy, Normal, or Hard, so players of all skill levels can enjoy it.  While you get more stars by tackling these waves on harder difficulties, you get the same amount of gold and experience points either way, so it really doesn’t matter.

In the battles, you and your enemies exchange blows in typical RPG fashion.  But to perform your attacks, you’ll have to swipe and tap on the screen at the right time.  Symbols will appear on the screen prompting you to tap or swipe, and you must execute those action right when the outline reaches the symbols.  There are status ailments that keep you from seeing these symbols, so watch out when that happens!  When enemies attack, you’ll have to do those same kinds of actions as well, and if you pull them off perfectly, you’ll dodge the attacks entirely and won’t suffer any damage.  Only problem I had with this was that magic spells, even curative ones, need to have these actions performed as well on the screen. And if you mess up, which is easy to do, you won’t get healed at all.  So keep plenty of food and other items on hand since magic isn’t very dependable in this game.

After battles, you’ll earn experience points to help you level up.  When you do gain a level, you can assign skill points to your attributes (strength, speed, etc.), and upgrade your magic and special attacks.  The neat thing is that your decisions on what to upgrade aren’t permanent, as you can rearrange your earned points at any time in the upgrade screen.  Make sure to visit the shop as well, so you can spend your earned coins on items and better weapons and armor.

The only problems I had with this game was the actions in the battles felt a little limiting, since you just tap and swipe.  And they’re not very forgiving if you mess up, either.  Also, the storyline wasn’t very enthralling and some of the character designs were a bit off.  If you want to play a better RPG tailor-made for tablets, I recommend Steven Universe: Attack the Light.  Even though it’s based on a cartoon, the action-packed battles are way more fun and interesting.  But if you can’t get enough of these types of RPGs, Fearless Fantasy is still a decent distraction anyway.


Kid Factor:

Even though you slash monsters with swords, shoot them with arrows, and zap them with magic attacks, they just disappear when defeated.  And your guys just fall over when they run out of HP.  So violence isn’t too bad.  Even though a lot of the game has spoken voice, reading skill is still helpful for the menus and shops.  Older kids and above would probably get the most enjoyment out of this.

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  1. I think I’d actually like the tap/swiping aspect of this turn-based combat. I wouldn’t blame a kid for not wanting to navigate menus and stat trees though. Still throws me off as an adult. It’s cool that the princess joins you on your quest though.

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