Snail Bob 2 (iOS, PC)

SNAIL_BOXHelp Bob the snail stay safe in this sequel to the hit 2-D puzzler. Similar to Lemmings, Snail Bob will creep along in dozens of single screen puzzle rooms, but he won’t stop, even if danger is ahead. You’ll have to tap switches and manipulate the environment so Snail Bob has a safe path to the exit. Snail Bob 2 is a downloadable title for iOS devices and PC, but reviewed on iPad here.

Snail Bob isn’t totally stupid, though. You can tap on him and he’ll stop moving and hide in his shell, giving you time to do what you need to keep him safe. You can also tap on an icon on the bottom right of the screen to make Snail Bob turn around in the opposite direction. You must also tap on buttons and switches that may open doors or move platforms so Snail Bob can progress. You can also tap on certain enemies to make them run away or disappear. Some of the levels get pretty creative and have you figuring out how to move certain items around as well as Snail Bob.

In each level are three hidden stars. Some are behind objects that’ll reveal the star when you tap on them, and some stars blend into the background. In every other level is a hidden puzzle piece to find, too. So in a way, it’s like a find-the-hidden-objects game, too. You’ll want to be on the lookout for stars and puzzle pieces because stars unlock new worlds and when you finish the puzzle pieces in each world, you’ll unlock extra bonus levels, too! Finishing levels will sometimes give you outfits to dress Snail Bob in as well.


Kid Factor:

Snail Bob 2 isn’t too terribly difficult of a game, so most kids can enjoy it without any help. But the game isn’t too easy either, so even adults may like it (I sure did). So it’s also a great game to play with your kids. Reading skill isn’t required either. Violence is minimal. If Snail Bob gets hit by an enemy, a little cartoon fight cloud will emerge and Snail Bob will come out bandaged or wrapped in a spider web, etc. So it’s no worse than a Looney Tunes cartoon. I don’t think there are any in-game purchases, which is good, but there is a Winter World that unlocks sometime in December, and I don’t know if you have to buy it or not. At any rate, Snail Bob 2 is one of the better iPad puzzle games out there for kids.

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