Slice It! (3DS)

SLICE_BOXSlice It! is a downloadable puzzle game on the 3DS that challenges you to slice shapes into equal sizes. There are more than 200 stages in all, and in each stage you are given a shape.  On the left screen you can see how many lines you can draw, and how many pieces you must slice the shape into (you hold the 3DS sideways like a book).  On the right screen you use the stylus to draw lines to slice the shape.  If you can slice it into the required equal number of parts, you can go onto the next stage.  Slice each part into equal sizes to earn up to three stars in each stage!

The main mode of “Play” on the menu lets you try the 200 plus stages, as well as a mode where you must quickly slice shapes in a time limit. In the main mode of play, you can tap on a hint icon that’ll give you dotted lines showing you where to draw.  You only get five at the start, and can supposedly earn more by getting a Perfect on the stages.  But you’ll still want to use the hints sparingly because the puzzles get pretty tricky early on.  In the options menus, you can adjust the sound, change the language, and switch skins that you’ve unlocked.  And in the Missions, you can view what look like achievements you’ve obtained.  And that’s pretty much the game!

Slice It! has a few problems, though. You hold the 3DS sideways like a book to play, and must use the stylus with your right hand.  I didn’t see any option to switch sides for lefties.  And I wish the slicing mechanic was more accurate.  Many times I would draw lines and there would be a tiny chunk in the middle that would be counted as a piece, even though the lines are so thick you can’t really see when you do that.  Supposedly you can use the circle pad to make your lines more accurate, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work.  The instructions were not very well-written either and the text was a bit smallish. But if you can look past these problems and enjoy math shape puzzles, you may want to give this a try anyway.


Kid Factor:

Reading skill is a must for the text, and while the game is simple enough to learn, younger players may get frustrated at the tougher puzzles. The game could be considered educational, though, as it teaches mathematical and geometry skills (such as lines of symmetry).  Slice It! is rated E for Everyone.

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