The Three R’s of Amiibo: Ryu, Roy, and R.O.B.

AMIIBO_LOGOHey folks. Got another batch of amiibo figures that I thought I’d share with you.  This time it’s three amiibo figures whose names start with the letter R, and three new Animal Crossing amiibo figures.  Let’s check them out!

Here they are in the boxes. From left to right, on the top we have Timmy & Tommy, Kapp’n, and Rover in the Animal Crossing collection.  And on the bottom we have Ryu, Roy, and R.O.B.  “But Cary, don’t you already have R.O.B.?” Why, yes, I do.  But this is the Famicom color version they initially sold in Japan.  Interestingly enough, they started selling them here in the US, too.  It’s just an alternate color scheme that’s more white and red.


And here they are out of the box. I always love the detail they put in these amiibo figures.  In this batch, the one that stood out to me was Kapp’n, as he has a little pair of red sunglasses hanging out the front pocket of his Hawaiian shirt.  The three Animal Crossing figures will work with Super Mario Maker, but Roy and Ryu won’t.  If you scan Famicom R.O.B., he’ll just show up in Mario Maker with his NES colors.  Interestingly enough, none of these new figures will work with Yoshi’s Woolly World except R.O.B.  If you scan him, you’ll get a Yoshi with R.O.B. Famicom colors!  Also pictured here is the card that came with first run copies of Pokken Tournament that you can scan to play as Shadow Mewtwo.  You can also scan up to five different regular amiibo figures daily to unlock various goodies in Pokken Tournament, similar to how you could unlock stuff in Hyrule Warriors, so that’s cool.


And that’s all for now! Next time I get another batch of amiibo figures, I’ll let you all know here!  Later!  –Cary

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