New Splatoon Amiibo!

AMIIBO_LOGOLast year, Splatoon made a big splash on the Wii U, and it still must be popular because Nintendo recently released some new Splatoon amiibo figures!  There’s figures of the squid sisters, Callie and Marie (get the pun in their names?), as well as alternate colors of existing Splatoon amiibo.  I got them all so let’s check them out!

Here they are in their packages.  Callie and Marie come in a two-pack.  Not sure if they are sold separately yet.  I got the three pack of the alternate colored Inkling girl, boy, and squid also.  I know you can get the boy and girl separately, too.


And here they are out of the packages.  Callie and Marie are doing the “Stay Fresh” pose from the game, and their outfits are very shiny.  If you scan them into Splatoon, you’ll get to hear the songs they sing during Splatfests and they’ll put on a concert for you until you press the start button.  It’s pretty useless, but if you’ve never seen what the city square looks like at night during a Splatfest, I guess they’re handy for that.  Callie and Marie will also work with Super Mario Maker, although you can still unlock them even if you don’t have the amiibo figures.  You just have to play through a pretty easy water level.  Speaking of Super Mario Maker, I forgot to mention last time that the Waddle Dee amiibo isn’t compatible with it.  Oh well.


I also took a picture of the alternate colored squid kid amiibo figures beside their original colors.  When you scan them into Splatoon, they work just like the other ones did, giving you extra single player missions to do.  But they aren’t new missions or anything.  Just the same ones and it’ll tell you if you completed them, so it’s like having the same ones as before.  Although they do show up as the different colors.  I wish they would’ve used different colors on the girl and squid amiibo other than green and orange.  Like maybe turquoise or something.  The new boy squid amiibo has purple hair and darker skin, so he didn’t show up as well in the picture.


And those are all the new Splatoon amiibo figures!  When I get more, I’ll show them off here as well.  Until next time, “Stay Fresh!”  –Cary

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