The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo Figures!

When I got my Nintendo Switch, I also got all five of the Breath of the Wild amiibo figures!  My wallet was crying that day, but they’re really cool figures so I wanted to show them off to you all.

Here they are in the boxes.  Sorry it came out so dark, it was kind of hard to take a good picture of all of them for some reason.  You have Link with his bow and arrow, Princess Zelda, Link on his horse, a Guardian, and a Bokoblin.

And here they are out of the box.  The Guardian is especially cool because he’s about four times the size of other amiibo figures, and his legs are completely posable.  Zelda is standing pretty with her iPad, er, I mean Sheikah Slate.  Arrow Link and Horse Link are in some pretty cool action poses.  And even the Bokoblin is kind of cool in a way because he reminds me of a Skylander for some reason.

So what do you get when you scan the amiibo into the game?  Well the back of the boxes say you get specific things, but when I tried it, it seems like you get just random stuff.  You may get a pile of fish, fresh meat, or herbs for cooking.  Or an assortment of arrows.  Heck, you may just get some metal boxes or barrels.  You’ll also get a treasure chest, which may have a shield or weapon in it.  Or maybe just more arrows.  Other Zelda amiibo will work, too, like Smash Bros. Link, Zelda, Sheik, and Ganondorf, as well as the Zelda 30th Anniversary amiibo.

So what do I think of Breath of the Wild?  Well it’s very good of course.  I didn’t notice any problems with the frame rate, but I don’t usually notice things like that.  It certainly didn’t affect the gameplay to me at all.  I really like cooking things in the game.  I call it Cooking Mama Link because that’s all I do (and Link’s eating animations are hilarious).  I do have some minor problems with the game, like there’s not any catchy, memorable music.  And this game is H-H-HARD!  It’s probably the hardest Zelda game since Zelda 2.  I do like that they don’t handhold you through the entire adventure, but I do wish they could’ve explained some basic gameplay elements better.  I had to go on the Internet just to figure out how to use the amiibo in this game, and I shouldn’t have to do that.  The amiibo figures sure do help in the game, though!

While I do prefer the more traditional Zelda games, I do appreciate this one for trying to be different.  Zelda games have become rather formulaic and Breath of the Wild is exactly what the series needed to stay fresh.  It’s kind of like Mega Man X.  I like the old Mega Man better, but Mega Man X is exactly what the series needed at the time.  And despite the problems I had with the new Zelda game, it is certainly very addictive regardless!  But those are just my general beginning impressions as of this writing.  Things may change the more I play, who knows?

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  1. I saw the Guardian, Horse Link and Bokoblin (does look like a Skylander) at the store and was very tempted to pick them up. Too bad they just give you items and don’t appear in the game as playable characters like in Skylanders. Still, I’d like to have them to display.
    Are you playing Breath of the Wild on a Wii-U? I want to know if there’s frame rate issues with that version of the game.

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