Pokémon Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Pokémon has always been popular, but in the past year or so, it’s had a resurgence in popularity thanks to the mobile game Pokémon GO, and successful new titles in the franchise like Pokémon Sun and Moon.  So because of that, here I present to you, the Pokémon Easter Egg Decorating Kit!  I saw it at the store and just had to write about it.  I could’ve sworn I wrote about the same thing a long time ago, but I couldn’t find an article about it so I either must’ve imagined it or it was such a long time ago that it’s not on the Internet anymore.

Anyway, here’s a larger picture of the front of the box.

And here’s the back of the box showing everything you get inside.  Nothing too special here.  You get Pokémon themed egg holders and stickers, as well as the typical stuff you get in any Easter egg decorating kit: dyes, egg ladle, etc.


And that’s all there is.  Not sure what Pokémon has to do with Easter, but hey, kids like it and decorating Easter eggs is fun.  The store also had a Star Wars Easter Egg Decorating Kit as well as the typical PAAS stuff.  Also some fancier ones but I didn’t pay any attention to those.  Happy Easter!  –Cary

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