Discover the World of Super Mario in McDonald’s Happy Meals

Looks like McDonald’s is doing Mario toys in their Happy Meals again.  I don’t know when they started or how long this promotion lasts, so I wanted to post this as quickly as possible so it would at least be topical for a little while.  Click on the link to see pictures and read more details.

So here is a picture of all the toys directly from McDonald’s web site.  There are 8 in all, and include Mario, Yoshi, Luigi in a pipe, a Koopa Shell, 1up Mushroom, Bowser, and Peach.  Supposedly you can go on the web site and click on the toys and see what they do.  Too bad they won’t branch out and feature toys from other Nintendo franchises, like Kirby or Zelda.  Oh well.

I managed to get three of the toys myself already, so here they are.  Also pictured is the box.  One side features Mario and that new freaky Happy Meal box mascot.  He looks weird dressed as Mario.  I guess they don’t even use Ronald McDonald anymore.  When I was a kid, we had toys and commercials with all the McDonaldland characters, like Grimace and the Hamburglar.  I guess it’s just a sign of the times.  The other side of the box has a contest you can enter to win a Nintendo Switch.  I guess that’s why they’re doing this whole promotion, to raise interest for the Switch.  On the other side of the box, not pictured, are the Happy Meal box smile logo and an ad for the Ronald McDonald House. It’s nice to know they still put Happy Meals in these boxes I had when I was a kid, and they’re still doing the Ronald McDonald House charity as well.  Also pictured is the milk jug because it has Mario characters on it.

The first toy I got was Invincible Mario.  At first when the drive thru lady said it, I thought she said “Invisible Mario.”  That would be a pretty cheap tactic.  Just don’t put a toy in there and say, “Uh, yeah, it’s invisible.”  BUT ANYWAY, Invincible Mario has a switch and you can flip it to make Mario light up different colors and flash.  It’s pretty neat.  It would’ve been cooler if they had a sound chip that plays the Invincible theme, but I guess that would be asking too much.

Another toy I got was Bowser.  He has two sticks you can put in his mouth that look like fireballs, and then you can press a button on his back to make him shoot them out.  They shoot out pretty far and fast. I’m surprised they even did that.  Seems a little dangerous.  The last toy I got was Yoshi.  You can push the saddle/shell button on his back to make his tongue stick out, but it barely goes past his nose.  Everyone knows Yoshi can stick his tongue out farther than that.  He just looks like Apathetic Yoshi here.  But otherwise it’s still a nice toy.  And that’s all I’ve got for now!  Later!  –Cary

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  1. I like those toys.

  2. Hey,
    I went into my local McDonald’s today and was pleasantly surprised to see the Mario toys in the box on the wall. I had already dropped my little boy off at school and was on my to work when I decided to grab a hash brown, but when I saw the Mario toys, I couldn’t resist! They had Princess Peach and Mario (not invisible), I got both.
    Mario has an on/off switch on the bottom and a small trigger point that when you bounce him up and down like a jump he makes the noise he would make in the game while jumping. I’m glad there’s an on/off switch because it is sensitive and I’m still looking for the Minion hiding somewhere in the mini-van! The package calls him, “Jumping Mario Toy.”
    My other early Mother’s Day gift to myself was “Princess Peach.” She has a small wheel on the bottom that when you roll her around it causes her body to spin around on the stand she’s on. She has her arm raised like she’s waving to everyone in a Parade. She has a hologram background that’s pretty neat and detailed. The coins, mushrooms, and plant all come out of the bricks and tunnels like in the game.
    This is one of the more enjoyable toys they’ve had in a while. I’d like to try to get the others. I had noticed that there was a lot of Mario stuff out and my friend and I were curious if there was a new movie or something coming out. The Nintendo Switch totally makes sense! I need to check that out!
    Cool toys, worth the little splurge if you’re in the mood for a little walk down Memory Lane, just make sure you hum the Mario theme song in your head while you’re taking that stroll!
    Mom to Colby-Age 6

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