SnipperClips: Cut It Out Together (Switch)

SnipperClips’ unique cooperative puzzle gameplay shows off Nintendo’s classic family-friendly innovation in gaming. Two players overlap their on-screen shapes in order to cut out parts to create a new shape. This can be repeated until the players create the shapes needed to solve the puzzle. SnipperClips endearing characters and creative gameplay make a perfect, if somewhat short, cooperative title for any Switch owner’s library.


There are three modes to the game. The main game (about 45 levels) centers around two characters who must clip the environment (and each other) in order to complete the puzzle provided by the level. This could include cutting out a bucket to carry a ball, snipping out a path to allow a princess to reach the exit, or cutting one another into points in order to pop balloons. The party mode is similar but provides puzzles designed for more than two players. The Blitz mode is a set of competitive mini-games, also playable with 2 or more players. Many of the games and modes are technically playable solo, but are a bit putzy as one must hop between the two characters.

In addition to the funny, strange game play SnipperClips spurs players to be creative in their solutions. More often than not, there are many possible ways to complete a level. With easy puzzle-reset options, players can experiment to their heart’s content. Levels are short, making it a great pick-up-and-play game for the portable side of the Switch. It is somewhat of a one-and-done game in that once the many puzzles are completed, they’re essentially solved. As it is more of a contest, the Blitz mode provides a bit more life to the game but the puzzles remain the best aspect of the game. All in all, SnipperClips: Cut it Out Together is a must-have release game for fans of cooperative and/or unique games.

Kid Factor:
This is a great kid’s game. No significant reading involved (even the introduction is short, making the start of the game an exploration rather than a tutorial.) The controls require a bit of manipulative coordination, but the easy redo/reset features help lessen the frustration of failure. I particularly like how most of the game focuses on cooperative rather than competitive play.

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