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As many of you may know, I’m a big fan of collecting Nintendo’s amiibo figures.  Most amiibo figures are released in the US and Japan, and some are harder to get than others.  I’ve been able to get most of the amiibo figures I own in stores in the US, but I have had to import a few in the past.  But did you know that as of this writing, there are some amiibo figures that are only available in Japan?  Well I recently imported those so I thought I’d go over them now.

The first is an amiibo of Qbby from BoxBoy.  The BoxBoy games are a series of 3DS puzzle platformers from HAL Laboratory, makers of other titles like Kirby and Smash Bros.  I’m a big fan of the BoxBoy games and have reviewed two out of the three of them.  While the BoxBoy games have been an eShop only series in the US, in Japan, the last game in the trilogy came on a cartridge and you could even get an amiibo with it!  Here is what it looks like in the box.

I guess I can kind of understand why they didn’t release it in the US, as it’s just a sugar cube with stick legs.  But surprisingly enough, the amiibo does work on the US version of Bye-Bye, BoxBoy!  I know amiibo are region free, but I was wondering about this one since it didn’t seem like they were planning on releasing it for an eShop game in the US.  Anyway, you can scan Kirby amiibo into the last BoxBoy game and get Kirby character themed outfits for the player.  But if you scan the Qbby amiibo, you’ll be able to play as Qucy, which is just the main character with a bow.  Kinda like Ms. Pac-Man.  Some outfits when equipped will let the player do certain things.  When you equip the Qucy bow, you’ll be able to use as many blocks and hints as you want!  Wow!  You’ll also unlock an option to change the color screen of the game to regular, Game Boy green, or monochrome!  Anyway, here is the BoxBoy! amiibo out of the box:

The other set of imported amiibo figures I got were ones based on Monster Hunter Stories.  Monster Hunter is super popular in Japan.  Monster Hunter Stories is a 3DS game that I assume is like a side story to the main game.  It was announced for a US release at a Nintendo Direct before E3, but they didn’t talk about it at the show.  And they haven’t mentioned anything about releasing amiibo figures for it in the US, so I decided to go ahead and import them.  I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before.  I just don’t have time for them.  I’m only one person and can’t play ALL the games out there.  Maybe if I didn’t have to work or sleep and we had 50 hour days I might be able to play them.  Anyway, here are the Monster Hunter Stories amiibo in their boxes.  Sorry the picture is so dark, it’s surprisingly hard to take pictures of boxed amiibo sometimes.

And here is a picture of them outside the box.  The cat guy in the middle is about the size of a regular amiibo.  I think he’s kind of the mascot of the series.  Like Pikachu is for Pokémon.  I know Monster Hunter must be super popular because at one point, in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, you could get Monster Hunter related furniture and one of the animal guests was a cat based on that mascot!  The other amiibo figures are a bit bigger and have a lot of detail to them.  It’s a bunch of anime kids riding on dragon monster things.  They kind of remind me of Digimon mixed with How to Train Your Dragon.  “How to Train Your…Digimon,” I guess.  Anyway, I don’t really know anything about the game, so I have no clue as to what the figures do when you scan them into it.

Now you may be thinking, “Wow, Cary, you must’ve had to pay a lot to import these figures.”  Well, not really.  The only one I splurged on was the BoxBoy amiibo.  The Monster Hunter Stories amiibo were only about 12 to 14 dollars each, and I didn’t have to pay for shipping somehow.  And amiibo figures sold in the US cost that much.  So I’d be paying about the same amount if they were released in the US, so I decided to just go ahead and import them.  And that’s all for now!  I hope you enjoyed reading about and seeing these amiibo figures!  Later!  –Cary

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  1. Neat. Surprising they didn’t cost a lot more. Good get!

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