The Three Link Amiibos

Hey folks, got another batch of Nintendo amiibo figures I thought I’d show off here.  This time it’s three different Links from three different Legend of Zelda series!

The three Links are from Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword.  Here they are in the boxes.


And here they are out of their boxes.  They are all of very nice quality as usual, and you can scan them into Breath of the Wild to get some exclusive stuff.  But I’m done with that game so I don’t feel like dragging it out again to see what they all do right now.  I noticed a bit of blue tinge on the sword of the Skyward Sword Link, though.  I don’t know if that was on purpose or a painting error.

I have two problems with this release.  One, I kind of wish they would’ve done another Link besides the one in Twilight Princess.  We’ve already gotten a Twilight Princess amiibo, and granted it was Link in wolf form and this is his human iteration, but I still wish they would’ve picked a Link from an older series, like Link to the Past/Link’s Awakening/Link Between Worlds or what have you.

The other problem I had with this set was how they were released.  Each one was exclusive to a certain store in the US.  Majora Link was at Best Buy, Twilight Link at GameStop, and Skyward Link at Amazon.  That just makes it even harder for me to get them!  Luckily a dear relative was able to get the Best Buy one for me, but I had to import the others.  The lack of information on these figures at first caused me to miss reserving the one at GameStop, and it’s impossible to reserve any of those things at Amazon.  Importing them cost a little more, but it’s way cheaper than paying scalper prices!

The only other recent amiibo they’re doing that with are the Player Two costumes for the final three Smash Bros. amiibo.  I have the exclusive GameStop one preordered, but I may have to import the other two if I can’t find them here.  Luckily I have all the other amiibo figures being released this year reserved except for the four Zelda Champions amiibo.  Those went out the day after they announced them at E3, so I may have to import those as well.  But we’ll see when that time comes!  That’s all for now.  Later!  –Cary

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  1. I am envious!

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