LEGO Dimensions Wonder Woman Fun Pack

The Wonder Woman movie has been very successful in theaters this summer, and may end up being the best movie this season.  So to celebrate the success, WB Games sent me the Wonder Woman Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions for review purposes.  And so here’s the review!  LEGO Dimensions is available for nearly all current consoles, but played on Wii U here.

I’m glad I got to go see the new Wonder Woman movie.  I don’t know much about the comic character, but the movie did have an interesting setting, a lot of strong female characters, and I liked it when Wonder Woman picked up a tank.  I don’t know, I guess I’m just easily amused.  But I’m not exactly sure why they sent me the Fun Pack for Wonder Woman just now.  It’s not a new set, in fact, it came out at the same time the original LEGO Dimensions game did in 2015.  And from reading the press release, I don’t think they’re planning on re-releasing it or anything.  So who knows?  All I know is if they send me something, I’m going to review it.  So here we go.

LEGO Dimensions is essentially like Skylanders except the figures you get are made out of LEGOs that you must build.  I even wrote a big article about LEGO Dimensions a while back that you can read if you want more information.  The Wonder Woman Fun Pack includes a playable character and vehicle.  Here is a closer shot of the box.

And here is a picture of what you get, all built and out of the box.  Wonder Woman has her trusty lasso, and her invisible jet is SO highly detailed and intricate.  Too bad you can’t see it because it’s invisible.

OK, OK, just joking.  Here is the actual invisible jet.  It just has a lot of clear LEGO pieces.

Wonder Woman can fire boomerang-like projectiles and can also fly.  I was so glad they added the Wonder Woman 70s TV theme song in when you start flying, like they do in the other games.  Only thing I really remember about the old Wonder Woman TV show is that she would spin around and around to turn into Wonder Woman.  I bet there were a lot of dizzy little girls in the 1970’s.  Anyway, according to the press release, LEGO Wonder Woman also has grappling, diving, invulnerability, mind control, and deflection abilities.  So why have an invisible jet when Wonder Woman can already fly?  Well, the jet controls better and can fire missiles, plus you can upgrade it like all LEGO vehicles if you so wish.  Usually you can unlock a new world with these packs, but Wonder Woman can just enter the DC Comics world, which is already available with Batman in the Starter Set.

Kid Factor:

LEGO Dimensions is rated E-10 with ESRB descriptors of Cartoon Violence and Crude Humor. While I would recommend most LEGO games to all ages, I think LEGO Dimensions is best for older kids.  One, the things you build are pretty complicated sometimes, so they would need to be experienced LEGO handlers.  And like other LEGO toys, the sets are pretty expensive so kids would need to know how to keep up with and take care of their toys, as the game is useless without them.  And plus using the pedestal is not very intuitive.  Also don’t forget the whole choking hazard thing with small LEGOs!

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  1. hmmm. not impressed with the invisible jet.

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