Party Planet (Switch)

Aside from 1-2 Switch, there’s not a lot of multiplayer mini-game party titles on the Nintendo Switch, at least not that I’m aware anyway.  Which is a little surprising, considering Nintendo’s recent console history.  But now, Party Planet is here to fill that void for Switch owners this Christmas season.  It’s a collection of 30 mini-games for up to four players, and can be played solo, cooperatively, or competitively.

Most of the mini-games on this collection play like classic arcade and console titles.  For example, there are games similar to Asteroids, Balloon Fight, Air Hockey, Memory Match, Zuma, and many more.  The games are a little generic, but other than that there’s nothing wrong with them.

One nice thing is you can play the games solo, and nothing feels amiss.  You can also play most games with up to four players, and even be on competitive or cooperating teams.  My only main problem with this game is that more than half of the challenges are locked, and you must unlock them by earning stars and ranking higher in the other mini-games.  But other than that, the game isn’t bad and serves its purpose for what it is.

Kid Factor:

Party Planet is rated E with an ESRB descriptor of Mild Cartoon Violence.  Violence is very minimal and no worse than an 80’s arcade game.  Reading is needed for the instructions.  Since it supports four players, the whole family can enjoy it.  And since you can choose to be on the same team, older players can help younger ones out if they have trouble.  Also, the game comes with stickers.  Do kids still like stickers?

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