Bridge Constructor (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mobile)

Natural disasters have plagued a group of islands and now all the bridges are wrecked!  It’s up to you to build and test new bridges for cars and trucks to go across.  Bridge Constructor is a physics-based puzzle building game available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices, but reviewed on PS4 here.

In each level you’ll have to bridge a gap using materials like wood, metal, concrete, and cables.  You build using a cursor on a grid.  You have a budget on each level, and you can’t go over so you must use your materials wisely.  When you are done building your bridge, you can test it by having cars drive over it.  If both cars make it to the other side, you’ll pass the level.  If you want a challenge to boost your score, you can also have trucks cross the bridge, and even later on, you can get heavier tanker trucks as well!  There are regular levels as well as an extra set of islands where you must build sloped bridges!

I had a few problems with the game here and there.  The interface is a bit clunky on the PS4, but since this is also a mobile and PC game, I imagine it might have been designed with those formats in mind a bit more.  But after a while I got used to it.  I also wish they would’ve either had a better tutorial mode, or a hint mode during levels, as it was a bit unclear sometimes how to use certain materials like cables effectively.  But if you like puzzle games like Lemmings and building games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, then you may enjoy this anyway.

Bridge Constructor has been out for a while, and at first it didn’t interest me much until I learned they’re making a version of this game featuring Portal settings and characters!  I can’t wait for that one and I hope to get to review it!  Portal Bridge Constructor should be out on consoles soon!

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  You can make cars and trucks crash on a bridge, but they’re just test cars and it doesn’t show anyone getting hurt.  And they just look like toy cars anyway, and nothing worse than what kids do with their Hot Wheels and tracks.  I could see kids playing this game for hours building their own crazy bridges. And the game could be considered educational as well, as it uses real physics rules to build bridges.  I remember some of the rules from building toothpick bridges in my high school physics class!  It would be neat if they talked about some of the physic science rules in the game and how they worked, though. Bridge Constructor is rated E for Everyone.

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  1. This game is supposed to be pretty good. I’ll keep an eye out for a sale on console.

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