Tiny Bubbles (iOS, Android, PC)

Tiny Bubbles isn’t your ordinary match colors bubble popping puzzle game.  The bubbles in these puzzles are more foamy, soapy suds and can be any shape.  Simply tap a bubble to change its color, and when you have four of the same color bubble touching, they’ll pop and disappear.  But we’re only getting started!  Tiny Bubbles is available to download on iOS, Android, and PC, but reviewed on iPad here.

In most levels, the object of the game is to clear out all the bubbles.  You must figure out how to do this with limited moves and colors available.  Clear bubbles can be filled in with any color when you touch them, but you can also touch colored bubbles with another to mix colors and make new ones.  On the top of the screen you can see what color comes next and how many moves you have left.  If you have a scissors icon, you can also cut one of the borders of the bubbles.  You can do this to clear out an outside bubble, or combine two bubbles together to make a bigger one, or even mix colored bubbles.  If you run out of moves before all the bubbles are gone, you must start the stage over again.

I said you must clear out all the bubbles in MOST levels because not only is there a puzzle mode, but an arcade mode as well.  Here the action is more frantic.  Sometimes in this mode you must clear out a certain number of colored bubbles, or keep the sudsy clump from reaching a certain boarder, or win by keeping it inside a ring.  If you tap bubbles quick enough, you can make colored bubbles without clearing them right away.  In some levels a little fish will keep blowing bubbles, which keeps the action going.  So you really hardly ever do the same thing twice in a level.

No worries if you are colorblind, as the game has a mode for that as well, plus you can change the shade of the colors to your liking.  The only ‘bad’ thing about this game is that it gets pretty challenging rather quickly, and things get even tougher faster in the arcade mode!  But if you are up to the challenge, Tiny Bubbles is a great mobile puzzler.

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  Since this is a premium game and costs money (about five bucks), there are no in-game ads or purchases to worry about.  Reading skill is helpful for some of the text, and younger gamers may need help with the more difficult puzzles.  But the game could be considered educational since it promotes logic and thinking skills.

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