Hexologic (iOS, Android, PC, Switch)

Hexologic is a simple number game that is similar to Sudoku.  On each level is a field of hexagon blocks arranged in a pattern, like a honeycomb.  At the end of some of these blocks are numbers.  It’s up to you to place the correct numbers in the blank spaces so they add up to the number at the end.  When all the spaces have the right numbers, you win the level and can move onto the next puzzle.  The game is available to download on mobile, PC, and later the Switch, but reviewed on iPad here.

Controls are simple.  Just tap on a hexagon to increase the number by one.  When it’s at the highest number, it’ll reset to zero again.  When you have the correct row of numbers, the number at the end will turn green.  But the game still doesn’t give you any hints or tell you where your errors were, but that’s the only problem with the game.  If you enjoy Sudoku style challenges, you’ll want to download this.

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  Counting, addition, and number recognition skills are required, though.  Even better, there are no in-game ads or purchases I could see.  Best of all, since this game encourages math and logic skills, it could be considered educational as well!

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