Neptunia & Friends (iOS)

A few years back I reviewed a couple of games in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.  It was some RPGs with lots of video game references and anime girls.  But I stopped reviewing them because they just got too much for me.  But now there is a new game where you can take your favorite Neptunia characters on your mobile device and play games with them, so I figured I could handle that one.  It’s available to download for free on iOS devices, but reviewed on iPad here.

It’s really more of an app than a game, and I imagine that it works better on a phone rather than a tablet.  But you start out by picking a Neptunia character to have on the screen (my favorite is “Vert” if anyone cares).  Then via a menu on the bottom you can interact with them.  You can play a simplified game of poker that still ended up being confusing when I tried it.  You can also choose topics of conversation to have them answer to.  Just don’t tap in certain spots or they might get mad or irritated.  You can also give them gifts in the form of cake to increase their “Love Love Gauge.”  I don’t know what it does when it’s full, though, as I got it less than halfway before I got bored with it.

But probably the most useful thing on this app is the alarm.  You can set a wake up call to have your character of choice talk at you to wake you up in their own special way.  You can also set alarm reminders to go to work and get to sleep (why would you need that?).  Unfortunately it doesn’t always work.  It worked fine for me the first two mornings, but the third time it didn’t sound at all.  Luckily I don’t depend on a mobile device to wake me up, as I still use an old fashioned alarm clock.  Even worse is that most of the content in this game is behind locked panels that must be paid for.  This includes points of conversations, outfits, and more.  But if the free content doesn’t work right, I can’t imagine the paid stuff being any better.  I think only die-hard Neptunia fans will enjoy this.

Kid Factor:

Some of the anime styled female characters wear revealing outfits and say slight innuendos, but that’s about it.  Parental supervision is still recommended for that and all the in-game purchases.

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