Don-Ay Pet Land (iOS, Google Play)

Rescue and adopt a stray animal in this free-to-play virtual pet simulation/continuous runner hybrid game.  As you play, you’ll be able to help out a real-life pet rescue organization, too!  Don-Ay Pet Land is available to download on mobile devices, but reviewed on iPad here.

After adopting your pet from the pound, you can use the touch screen to pet it and feed it.  When you take your pet to the bedroom and turn off the light, you can play a continuous runner game in the dream world.  Your pet will fly on a cloud in this game and you must guide it to collect coins and avoid obstacles.  The happier your pet is in the real world, the more tries you’ll get in the dream world.  Use the coins you collect to buy food and outfits for your pet, and power-ups for the dream world game.  Get enough coins and you can even adopt a new animal (first you get a dog, and then a cat).

When you view ads or purchase items with real money in the game, you’re actually helping out a real pet rescue organization as a part of the proceeds go to that, so that’s pretty cool.  But that’s the only reason to keep playing this game, as the virtual pet and continuous runner sections aren’t very interesting enough on their own.

Kid Factor:

At the beginning of the game, you see an animation of a dog being abandoned, and then locked in a pound and about to be euthanized before you rescue it.  So it’s kind of sad and may upset some kids.  Other than that, the game is fine, except parental supervision is highly recommended for the in-game ads and purchases.

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