Chicken Pox (iOS, Android)

In Chicken Pox, you control an adorable little chicken as he drives his riding lawn mower around collecting eggs scattered about the farm (and other locations later).  You control the game by drawing a line connecting eggs, and your chicken will drive there.  But you have to collect the red egg last to move onto the next set of eggs.  Do this under a set time limit and when you reach the finish line, the game will reveal a picture.  So it’s basically a fast-paced version of connect the dots.  It’s available as a free-to-play download on mobile devices, but reviewed on iPad here.

While collecting eggs, you’ll have to avoid obstacles like cows and sheep.  Running into them will slow you down.  Hidden in most levels are blue eggs.  Tap them as you scoot about for an extra goal, but they are tricky to find especially since you have to move quickly.  If you don’t make it to the finish line in time, you’ll lose a gas tank and must start over.  Lose all five and you must wait a while to refill, as these kinds of free-to-play games tend to be.  You can also spend real money to buy new riding lawn mowers and other vehicles, among other things.

Every so often you’ll play a bonus game that’s a little different.  Like one where you hold down on the touch screen to move up, and release to move down as you continuously drive to collect eggs.  It’s kind of like a top down version of Jetpack Joyride.  While I loved the cute graphics in the game, I didn’t find it very entertaining.  But if you enjoy connect the dots and other activity book staples, you may want to give this one a try.

Kid Factor:

If you run into cows and sheep, they’ll just baa or moo and spin around and disappear, but that’s as violent as it gets.  Even though I didn’t find this game entertaining now, as a kid I loved connect the dots.  But as I grew older, activities like connect the dots lost its appeal to me, as did other things like coloring books, sticker albums, and spinning around and around until I got dizzy and fell down.  As a kid, I loved doing those things, but not so much as an adult now.  Especially that last one.  So kids may still find this game fun, even if it gets incredibly hard super quick.  Parental supervision is highly recommended for the in-game purchases and ads, though.

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