Redout (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Redout is a high speed futuristic racing game very similar to titles like F-Zero.  Pick a hovercar and zoom around planetary tracks with loops, cylinders, and more.  It’s available on nearly all current game consoles and PC, but reviewed on Switch here.

You can play a Career Mode where you race on predetermined events like time trials and full on races with other CPU cars.  As you play, you’ll gain experience and level up.  Leveling up unlocks more tracks, hovercars, and equippable power ups.  You can also do a quick race on a single track.  One neat thing about this game is all the different ways you can race.  You can go at it with other CPU players with or without power-ups, you can choose to respawn if you blow up or not, and there are many more race and time trial modes as well. You can also race online but you’ll need Nintendo’s paid online service for that.

Controls are pretty standard for a high speed racer.  One neat thing you can do is use the right analog stick to strafe left and right to help you turn.  You can also point it up or down, which tilts the nose of your car up and down as well.  This is handy on steep hills and loops, as it keeps your car from scrubbing the bottom of the road.  You’ll want to make sure you don’t hit any walls or scrub the road as much as possible, because your car can take damage.  If it takes enough damage, it’ll explode, which can either slow you down or take you out of the race entirely, depending on what mode you’re in.

The game does have a few problems, though.  Even with the neat control options, steering is still way too loosey-goosey and I kept running into walls anyway.  Graphics are good but sometimes it was hard to tell where to land after a jump.  Plus the CPU opponents are set way, way too hard.  I could never come in anywhere higher than fifth place.  I’d say this game is for racing pros only.  I guess it’ll have to do until Nintendo gets off their butts and releases a new F-Zero game, which I think they should do, don’t you?

Kid Factor:

The futuristic hovercars can explode, but that’s about as violent as it gets.  Reading skill is helpful for some of the text, and younger players may find this game way too difficult.  Redout is rated E for Everyone.

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