LEGO Duplo World (Mobile)

There are tons of video games based on the popular LEGO building toy franchise, but not so much about the blocks for the younger set called Duplo.  That is until now.  In LEGO Duplo World, little gamers can learn early concepts like counting and matching, all in the colorful Duplo universe.  This new app is available on mobile devices but reviewed on iPad here.

The first area on the app is free, but you have to pay for everything else.  The free part is called Number Train, and your little one can drag and drop blocks to put numbers in order, sort and match colors on train cars, and even make their own train with Duplo blocks.  The other worlds you buy feature jungle animals and rescue vehicles.  They’re five bucks each or you can buy both for eight bucks.  Seems a bit pricey but I guess it’s way cheaper than actual Duplo toy sets, which are pretty expensive.

Kid Factor:

Reading skill isn’t needed to play, although there is text before each activity explaining to parents what their child is learning.  There is also an extensive parents section where you can view all sorts of learning info and even real Duplo toy sets to buy.  After completing all the activities in Number Train, it just kept going and going with the color sorting game, and I couldn’t find a way to exit, so that was slightly annoying.  Otherwise it’s a cute little learning game for young ones that’ll keep them entertained for at least a little while.

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