Squidgies Takeover (Switch)

Squidgies Takeover is a downloadable Switch exclusive that mixes physics style gameplay with Lemmings-like puzzles.  Cute little baby alien octopus creatures are venturing out from their mother’s tentacles so they can take over their own planets.  It’s up to you to distribute powers to them so they can safely reach portals in each single screen level.

In each level, the Squidgies start emerging from a tube and roll around uncontrollably.  You have a list of powers that you can use by tapping on a Squidgie to activate it.  Some of the powers require additional dragging and dropping, depending on the ability.  Arrows make the squids sprout arrows which make others fly in that direction.  Give a squid a grapple and they can swing across gaps and obstacles.  Stoppers will freeze squids in their tracks, even in the air, and block other squids, too.  Balloons will make them float in the air, and metal will turn them into steel balls and impervious from obstacles like fire and electricity.  There are many more powers and you can even combine some of them in later levels.

You only need to have one squid baby make it to the portal to complete the level, but if you can get all the required squids in, you’ll take over all three planets per area.  After that, extra challenges open up for you to tackle, like beating a stage in a certain time, etc.  So there is lots of replay value.  There are dozens of levels, and more open up when you get a gem at the end of certain areas, but I’m not sure how they dictate when you get those gems.  If a level zips by too fast, you can always adjust the speed in which the Squidgies roll out, which is nice.

You CAN play the game in TV mode, but you’ll use a cursor moved by motion controls on the JoyCon, so it’s best played in handheld mode.  The only other problems I had with the game is that the difficulty seems a little out of whack.  Some early levels I couldn’t figure out at all, and then levels with higher numbers I could takeover all three planets in one try!  Luckily you can tackle levels in any order as long as they’re available.  Also since the game is physics based, puzzles require a higher level of precision (or luck) to get things just right.  But if you like Lemmings style games, you may want to check this one out.  It feels like something that could be on a cell phone, but they say it’s a Switch exclusive, so who knows?

Kid Factor:

Squidgies Takeover is rated E for Everyone with ESRB descriptors of Alcohol Reference and Mild Fantasy Violence.  I have no idea where the Alcohol Reference comes in, unless it’s because the name of the developer is called Giant Margarita.  If a squid alien rolls into fire or electricity, they’ll just squeal and roll around for a bit until they disappear.  Reading skill is helpful for the text, and younger gamers may find it a bit too difficult.

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