The Jackbox Party Pack 6 (PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mobile)

If you have a bunch of people over to play games, but not enough controllers to play with everyone, then Jackbox has you covered!  Their latest batch of party games is out, and all you need are cell phones to play them!  Just connect to on any phone and enter in the room code and you’re in!  It’s pretty simple and works well, and in some games, even people who don’t have cell phones can be part of the audience and participate.  The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is available on most anything that can play games, but reviewed on PS4 here.  Let’s take a look at all the games!

Trivia Murder Party 2

This is the best game in the package.  It’s a trivia game, but if you get a question wrong, you die.  But don’t worry, you won’t be out of the game if that happens.  As a ghost, you can steal the life force of other players and get a chance to come back, and in the newly added final round, it’s anyone’s game!

Role Models

This one is more of a personality test.  The game gives you categories and you must select characters who best fit the other players.  If you can pick characters that the players also picked, you’ll get points, and whoever has the most at the end, wins.

Joke Boat

Of all the games on this collection, I think Joke Boat is the weakest.  It’s basically Mad Libs except the words you put in the blanks have to be used in jokes and punchlines.  And then the other players vote on which jokes are the funniest.  If you can’t think of a joke, you can have the game come up with one for you, but it usually doesn’t make sense and you won’t get as many points.  I found this game a little hard to understand at first, and it drags on a bit.


I liked this word game because it’s short and I like word games.  You get to come up with a definition of a made up word, a synonym of it, and then use it in a sentence.  Then everyone votes on the best one.  Whoever’s word gets the most votes wins.

Push the Button

And last is this sci-fi themed game where humans board a spaceship, but one of those humans is an alien.  You then play mini-games to figure out who the alien is.  Sometimes this is possible because they’ll make the game harder for the alien, but the alien player does have a few tricks up his or her sleeve.  At any time you can push a button to eject who you think is the alien, but make sure you are certain.  Because if you guess wrong, all the humans lose and the alien wins!  This game was a little weaker, too, because it was hard to understand at first.

Overall, this is a great collection of party games to bring out at your next get-together.  The cell phone functionality works great and even though some things were a little hard to understand, my family and I had a great time playing this.  I’d like to thank my family for playing this game with me and helping me with the review as well.

Kid Factor:

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is rated T for Teen with ESRB descriptors of Crude Humor, Drug Reference, Fantasy Violence, Language, and Sexual Themes.  Most of the game is only as dirty as you make it, so if you are playing with a group of rowdy adults, it could definitely get not so kid friendly.  The Trivia Murder Party game may be about killing, but your player pieces are only represented by stuffed animals getting nailed to a wall.  Although the deep voiced announcer and spooky sound effects can still be scary to little kids.  Some of the jokes in Joke Boat also make reference to sex.  Parental supervision is recommended because the game does have in-game purchases, although somewhat indirectly.  After playing some of the games, you are prompted a link where you can buy Jackbox products, some based on the game you just played.  Which is a neat idea.  You know what would be cool?  If Jackbox made a collection of kid focused games like this.  Or maybe they have and I don’t know it.  At any rate, I think it’s a neat idea.

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