Metal Slug Infinity (Mobile)

This game has been out for a while, but a reader requested I review it, so here you go.  A while back I heard about an endless clicker game featuring Metal Slug.  Metal Slug is an SNK 2-D run and gun game series that features some of the best sprite artwork I’ve ever seen.  So the fact they made an endless clicker about it for mobile devices (reviewed on iPad here) got me curious.

So when you start the game, you see the action on the top part of the screen.  Soldiers will scroll left to right and shoot at anything in their way automatically.  One good thing is that the graphics here represent the series nicely.  If anything, this is the best looking endless clicker I’ve ever played.  As you shoot down enemies, you’ll earn coins.  Tap on the icons on the bottom of the screen to level up and add soldiers to your ranks, which costs coins.  You’ll constantly earn coins so you’ll be tapping on those icons a lot.  At any time you can press a ‘return’ button that resets your ranks to level one, but you’ll be able to level up faster next time when you do this.  The game plays on even when you aren’t there, so you can use those coins to level up when you come back.

And that’s pretty much all I could get out of the game.  They don’t really do a very good job explaining what you are doing in this game, and the text is way too small (can’t imagine playing this on a phone), but at least endless clickers are pretty easy to figure out.  Unfortunately these types of ‘games’ don’t hold my interest very long.  At least it looks pretty.

Kid Factor:

Even though Metal Slug games are sprite based, they are pretty violent, and the same holds true for this one.  There’s pixelated cartoon blood and zombies barf up gunk and there are lots of screams.  Parental supervision is also recommended for the in-game purchases.

2 Responses to “Metal Slug Infinity (Mobile)”

  1. Oh man, those graphics look so great! I’d love to play this on a tablet.

  2. This is a good game. I am playing it

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