Reventure (Mobile, Switch, PC)

You are the hero Tim, out to save the princess, procure the legendary sword, and save the day in this retro inspired 2-D platformer adventure.  But what makes this one different is that there are more than 100 different endings, some of them being very unexpected!  Can you stumble upon and find all of them in Reventure?  It’s available to download on mobile, PC, and Switch, but reviewed on iPad here.

Play control is pretty simple.  The bottom of the screen has buttons you can touch to move left and right, jump, and an action button for using your sword, items, and opening treasure chests.  The unique thing about this game is how many different endings there are!  Many of which you’ll probably just stumble upon.  Some are pretty generic, like falling into pits or lava, while some are just silly.  Such as tripping over a rock in front of your house, stabbing a minion too much and being called a bully, carrying too many items and breaking your legs under all the weight, and so much more.  Sometimes when you reach an ending, you may get a costume or appearance change on your next run.  Like being covered in bandages, turned into a zombie, and more.

While I did like the retro-inspired graphics and gameplay, and some of the humor in the endings is funny, a lot of the game ends up being trial and error as you learn what to avoid to prevent a premature ending.  And it’s also tedious to have to start over every time.  You can get items like a ‘flute of time’ that can start you back at other places besides your house, but even then, some endings negate that.  It’s just one of those ‘just for laughs’ kind of games that I doubt too many people will actually finish, or even play for very long.

Kid Factor:

Reventure is rated T for Teen with ESRB descriptors of Blood, Language, Sexual Themes, and Violence.  You can hit enemies with weapons and pixelated blood and other goo will ooze out from you and defeated enemies from time to time, but the simple graphics negate a lot of the violence.  The other descriptors are in text only.  Because of the reading involved, it’s best for older gamers anyway.

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  1. This sounds a lot like DLC Quest (on Steam), where the goofy sense of humor is more the point than the “adventure” itself. Only takes an hour or so to complete and IMHO worth that time investment.

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