Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe (Switch, PS4, PC)

Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe is a downloadable one-on-one 2-D fighter for most current game consoles and PC (reviewed on Switch here), featuring anime styled characters.  It kind of reminds me of a fighter you’d see from the mid-2000’s, as this one isn’t quite as flashy as newer Guilty Gear or BlazBlue or Street Fighter titles.  The default screen size isn’t even widescreen!  But just like some of SNK’s older fighters, just because this one doesn’t look as new, it still seems fairly playable, at least as far as I can tell

There are plenty of offline and online modes to keep fighter fans happy.  You have an Arcade Mode, which acts like the story mode for all the characters (of which there’s a little over a dozen).  There’s also a Vs. Mode for two local players, a survival mode where you try and last as long as you can, Mission Mode where you try to complete certain tasks, a Score Attack mode where you try to get the highest score, and a Practice mode where you can try out the characters and their moves.  I didn’t see any online modes, though.  Edit your characters’ colors with the Custom Color mode, and spend points earned by playing to unlock artwork and other goodies in Collections.  And of course you can view Records and toggle Options.  Luckily you can change the difficulty level so even fighting game klutzes like myself can stand a chance!

There are a couple of interesting characters, like a pair that fights in tandem, and a burly chef.  But otherwise, there wasn’t really anything about this fighter that stood out to me.  But if you can’t get enough of 2-D one-on-one fighters, you may want to check this one out anyway.

Kid Factor:

Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe is rated T for Teen with ESRB descriptors of Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes, and Partial Nudity.  You are fighting other opponents, so it is violent, but only cartoony.  Some of the female characters are well-endowed and are scantily clad, so that’s where the suggestive themes and partial nudity come in.

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