Koongya Draw Party (Mobile)

If you enjoy playing drawing charades games like Pictionary and Win, Lose, or Draw, then you’ll love Koongya Draw Party.  It’s available free-to-play on mobile devices (reviewed on iPad here) and you can play it alone or online.

In the single player mode, you’ll solve drawing puzzles via a sequential map.  The computer will draw something on-screen and you must guess what it is by spelling it out with letters on the bottom of the screen.  You have a time limit, but they’re pretty generous with it.  When you solve a puzzle, you may win in-game currency to use at the shop, or you might unlock new game modes or little critters that sit on your menu screen.

With online modes, you can guess other people’s drawings and submit your own using the touch screen to draw given topics.  There are also party modes where multiple players can take turns guessing and drawing.  Only problem I had with this game was I had a hard time configuring settings to get all the modes to work.  People who are more savvy with their mobile devices may not have as much trouble, though.  It was just confusing to me.  But the game is still a cute concept if you enjoy drawing charades style activities.

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  Good reading and spelling skills are needed, and parental supervision is recommended for the in-game ads, purchases, and online interactions.

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