Good Pizza, Great Pizza (Switch, Mobile, PC)

Run your own pizza restaurant in Good Pizza, Great Pizza.  Take orders, cook the pizza, and make sure you earn a profit in this restaurant simulation cooking game.  It’s available to download on Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and PC, but reviewed on Switch here.

Each in-game day you get a time limit to place as many orders as possible.  After you take a customer’s order, you’ll switch to a screen where you make the pizza.  Use the R stick to highlight the dough, sauce, and other toppings, and then use the L stick and A button to spread the toppings. Make sure to spread the toppings evenly and give them enough.  Once you are done, press the R shoulder button to move the pizza to the oven, where it’ll roll through a conveyor belt to cook it.  Sometimes customers want a more well done pizza so you may have to run it through the oven twice.

After the pizza is cooked, press the R shoulder button again to move to the slicing table.  Make sure to slice the pizza evenly and pay attention if a customer wants it cut a certain way.  Then put it in a box and give it to the customer.  The faster you make the pizza and the more correctly you follow the order, the more money you get.  Sometimes a customer can come in who is not what they seem so you have to pay attention.  Do you make a pizza for a begging bum or a little girl with not enough money?  Sometimes your kindness will pay off, but other times not.  Or a customer will come in and order something else besides pizza, best to tell them no. Other times a shady person may come by making hints about breaking locks, so you may want to spend some money repairing your locks that night.

After the day is done, you’ll be sent to a screen where you can see what profits you’ve earned (ingredients cost money, too, so don’t waste pizzas).  You can then use your money to buy upgrades for your shop.  Some upgrades let you stay open longer, bring in more customers, make them happier longer, etc.  You can also spend money to repair locks or your oven, as it wears down after a while.  There are also restaurant decorations you can buy to customize your pizza parlor.  Everything from furniture, arcade games, posters, walls and floors, and even different pizza boxes!  I like how some of the posters make fun of other pizza related games and media, like there are ones that look like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even Pac-Man!

The game does have a few problems, though. I do wish there was touch screen controls in handheld mode, but I couldn’t figure it out if there were.  I also found it pretty easy to press the wrong button and mess up my pizzas.  You can throw pizzas away, but it’s unclear when you can do that.  Also the learning curve is a bit steep at first, and it was hard to actually make a profit.  The game doesn’t make it clear if you use too much ingredients sometimes.  But as you play and unlock more toppings, it gets easier for some reason.  Also since this game has mobile roots, progress feels a bit slow and the game is repetitive.  But if you like making pizzas, you may want to check this one out anyway.  It did make me hungry, though!

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  The orders can get pretty complicated, so strong reading skill is a must, and younger gamers may find it a bit too difficult.  The game could be considered educational as you sometimes make pizzas with half toppings on certain sides, and must slice the pizzas to make certain pieces, so it teaches following directions and fraction skills. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is rated E for Everyone.

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