Two RPG Hero Smash amiibo

Got a couple more amiibo figures recently.  This time they are of two RPG characters who have appeared in Smash.  They are the main hero from the latest Dragon Quest game, and Joker from Persona.  Let’s take a look.

Here they are in their boxes.

And here they are out of the boxes.  Again, very nice detail on both figures.  The DQ Hero sure has some GREEN boots.  And I like the blue stuff that Joker is standing on.

And that’s it.  I wish I had more time to play the newest Dragon Quest game, as I hear it’s very good.  I would play it totally in 16-bit mode, though!  I don’t have any interest in Persona, though.

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  1. Hello!

  2. I bought the DQ amiibo. You gotta hand it to Nintendo, these might be a bit pricey, but they’re pretty high quality.

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