The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match (PS4)

Game maker SNK is famous for its fighters, and one of their most popular ones is The King of Fighters.  It features characters from other classic SNK titles like Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and even Ikari Warriors, and it’s a series still around today.  While they used to do yearly games, a new KOF game will still come out every now and then.  There’s even a new one coming soon (I hope I get to review it, too).  But in the meantime, you can download an updated version of one of the more popular games in the series on the PS4.  Well, actually I’m just assuming it’s one of the more popular ones, as I see sprite art and screenshots from it most often on the internet anyway.

At it’s core, The King of Fighters is like any other 2-D one on one fighter in that you use joystick movements and buttons combinations to pull off moves to whittle down the energy of the other fighter.  Whoever runs out of energy first, loses.  In the KOF games, you pick a team of three.  There are preset teams or you can create your own.  In this version, there are 66 characters to choose from! Wow!  They’ve updated some of the sprite based graphics and music, and it still holds up today.

There are a multitude of modes for single player, couch multiplayer, and online.  There are single ant team play modes, as well as an endless mode, challenges, and practice.  You can also view rankings and go online.  Only thing I wish they would’ve had was an art gallery mode, always like those in fighters.  Aside from that and a few cheap secret boss fights, I didn’t have much problem with this one.  If you’re hankering for some classic sprite based one on one fighting, this one has you covered.  Who are your favorite KOF characters?  Mine are Ralf and Clark because they’re from Ikari Warriors, but I also like Leona, Shermie, and Vanessa.

Kid Factor:

The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match is rated T for Teen.  You do punch and kick other fighters and some of the female characters wear revealing and suggestive outfits, but that’s it.

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  1. Y’know, I own KOF 98 and 02 for Steam and it’s one fighting game where I just can’t seem to find my bearings.

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