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Everyone, including kids, are using tablets, phones, and staring at screens more and more.  These types of devices emit ‘blue light’ that is said to be harmful to eyes, skin, and sleep.  Of course, the simple solution is to limit your kids’ time on those devices.  But with COVID, remote learning is being used more in schools, so they really don’t have much of a choice.  But now there is EyeJust, a series of screen protectors that block that harmful blue light.  They’re available for most mobile phones, tablets, some laptops, and even the Nintendo Switch!  Being blind in my left eye since birth, I’m always on the lookout for things to help protect my eyes.  So I’m happy I was able to give some of these a try for review purposes.

The three I got to try are for my iPad, iPhone, and Nintendo Switch.  Here they are all together.

I probably use my iPad the most, at least in longer periods of time.  Here is a picture of the EyeJust protector for the iPad model I have.  You need to make sure you know the correct model.

And here is the one for my iPhone.  I use my iPhone a lot, but only in short bursts, like when I have to look up something at work for a customer.

And here’s the one for the Nintendo Switch.  I only use my Switch in handheld mode on my lunch hour at work.  At home it’s always docked to the TV.

So they basically work like any screen protector.  They even come with a screen cleaner cloth for you to use before you put the film on, and a squeegee for ironing out the air bubbles when you’re done.  The instructions make it sound easy to apply, but I’m a bit uncoordinated and clumsy with my hands, so usually when I get a new phone or tablet, I have the sales rep at the store put on the screen protector for me!  If you’re like me in that regard, you may want opt to do that if you have the opportunity.

I was impressed that the protectors don’t make the screens look any less bright.  I was worried it would do that.  It didn’t seem to affect the sensitivity of the touch screens either.  Everything worked as well as it always did.  I didn’t notice a difference of improvement with my eyes, skin, or sleep, but it may be one of those health things you don’t ever really notice.  Also, I don’t know if using my iPad really makes me have trouble sleeping.  Usually when I use my iPad before bed, I fall right to sleep soon after!  But that may just be me.  At any rate, I’d say these are pretty good screen protectors, and with the added protection, you might as well get these EyeJust ones.  It can’t hurt.

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