Metroid Dread amiibo

For a while I wasn’t having too much trouble getting amiibo figures but this year it’s been a lot harder.  Luckily I finally got the Metroid Dread amiibo two pack, so let’s take a look at them!

Here they are in the box.

And here they are out of the box.  Samus is in her new Dread suit you start the game with, and the figure is very shiny.  The giant robot is E.M.M.I., a new character in Dread.  They are really mean robots that look like a Portal turret or GlaDOS after eating a can of spinach.  They chase you down in certain areas of Metroid Dread and if they catch you, you’re pretty much dead.

If you scan the Samus amiibo, you get an extra energy tank, which comes in handy especially during the beginning when you don’t have a lot of power.  Also, once per day, you can scan the Samus amiibo to refill your energy, which I may make a lot of use of since while I really like Metroid games and have beaten most of them, I’m not too terribly good at them and die a lot.  If you scan the E.M.M.I. amiibo, you get ten extra missiles and once per day, you can have your weapons refilled.  And as always, the attention to detail on these figures is great.  That’s all for now!  Later!  –Cary

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