KeyWe (Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC)

Jeff and Debra are two kiwi birds who have just applied for a post office job in a Podunk town in the middle of the Australian Outback.  Unfortunately the mail room isn’t designed for two pint-sized kiwis, so they’ll really have to work together and use their beaks and butts to type out telegrams, mail letters, and sort inbound and outbound packages!  KeyWe is a co-op action game available for most current consoles, but reviewed on Switch here.

In the main game, you can choose to go co-op or single player, where you’ll switch between the two kiwis.  You can also go online.  It’s highly recommended that you play with another person, though, because the game is nigh impossible to get good ratings in single player mode.  You will have to work together to complete various activities.  One is typing out telegrams on a makeshift keyboard.  You’ll even have to have one kiwi hold down the shift button for capital letters!  Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘hunt and peck!’  Another game has you sending messages using stickers with words on them, ransom note style, and then sending them off via courier emu.  And another game has you sorting packages and letters for customers.  If you can complete these tasks in a certain amount of time, you’ll earn stamps.  You can spend these stamps on costumes for the kiwis or collectables for their nests.  The post office uses a lot of makeshift style contraptions that give it a Wallace and Gromit feel to it, so that was charming.

The game does have a few problems, though.  Again, you’ll only want to play this one with friends, as single player gets a bit tedious, boring, and impossible to get good ratings in the stages.  The text is also way too small, and there is so much going on and to look at in the games that it can feel a bit overwhelming.  Luckily you can view a tutorial before each game.  So yeah, only get this one if you have a lot of gamer friends around.

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  If your kiwi falls off a desk, they’ll just reappear at the top of the stage and parachute down.  Reading skill is a must for the text, and younger gamers may find it too difficult.  KeyWe is rated E for Everyone.

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