Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mobile)

Back in the early 90s, game maker Williams made a pinball table based on the iconic Indiana Jones movie franchise.  And now you can play it on Zen Studios’ pinball platforms!  It’s available on most current consoles that have a Pinball FX3 or Zen Pinball outlet.  You first download that and then you can buy and download separate tables (reviewed on PS4 here).

The Williams tables such as this one are handled a bit differently than the other Zen Studios’ originals.  First, you can play with either the Pinball FX3 table upgrade system or the original specs from the arcade.  And with a push of a button, you can switch visuals to make the tables look like the other Zen Studios tables with extra graphics, or the original way the tables looked in real life.  Also when you start a game, you get a full view of the machine with facts and history on each one.  In a way, I like this setup and gameplay better than the Zen original tables.

The Indiana Jones table is pretty standard stuff.  You’ve got familiar characters from the first three movies and music and voice clips to go along with it.  It’s a high scoring table, too, and I always like those.  Ramps are pretty easy to shoot up, but it’s also easy to lose your ball, too!  But my one big problem with this table is that it’s pretty pricey just for one game at nearly 15 bucks!  Most Williams tables on these Zen collections come with three, and I know that licensing can be expensive.  But that still seems kind of high for just one table.  But at least it’s a decent one for fans of pinball and the Indiana Jones franchise.

Kid Factor:

All Zen Studios pinball platforms are rated E-10 with ESRB descriptors of Fantasy Violence and Mild Language.  It’s simple fun pinball after all, so nothing really objectionable I could see here.  If you’re OK with your kids watching the Indiana Jones movies, they’ll be OK with this game.  Reading skill is helpful for some of the text, but not necessary just to play.

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