Sonic the Hedgehog Toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals

There’s a new Sonic the Hedgehog live action animated hybrid movie out now, and McDonald’s just did a promotion with Happy Meal toys featuring characters from the games and movies.  I got a few of them, so let’s take a look at them!

First, here’s a picture of the boxes they come in.  It’s nice to see that after all these years, Happy Meals still come in those classic boxes they had when I was a kid.

And here’s the toys I got.  Each character got two different versions of them, so I’m glad I got both ones of Tails, since he’s my favorite Sonic character.  Each character attaches to a little pull back device that you can roll.  Knuckles and Sonic are just running, while Tails is either using his two tails to go or is riding a snowboard.  There was another version of Sonic and Knuckles that I didn’t get, plus some kind of robot.  The toys also came with decals, which I assume you put on their sneakers, but I didn’t do that.  The figures also come off the pull back parts pretty easily, so I imagine they wouldn’t stay on very well if you tried to roll them.

What I don’t understand is that both McDonald’s and Arby’s have done kids meal promotions with Sonic, but why not Sonic restaurants themselves?  It would make more sense, especially considering Sonic Drive Ins serve chili dogs!

Bonus Level:

So at the dollar store I found Tastycake Mini Muffins with Sonic characters on the boxes.  But the inside packaging was still the same.  You could enter a contest to win a year’s supply of these mini muffins, but they weren’t that good so that doesn’t sound like an appealing contest.  Sonic had blueberry and Knuckles had chocolate chip.  Not pictured is Tails, which was some kind of confetti flavor.  They didn’t have the Tails box at the store.

There’s supposed to be a Sonic cereal and fruit snacks tied to the movie, as I got a press release about them, but I couldn’t find them in any store nor could I get them online.  But if I find them later, you know I’ll write about them, too!  –Cary

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